So what games have you been playing lately...


Super excited to finally tackle The Frozen Wilds DLC in Horizon. Feels almost like stand alone content. So far so good.


I need to start Horizon, period.

Played Sea of Thieves for like 6 or so hours with my cousin today lol We made soooo much gold. Was attacked by our first Kracken as well.


Playing Kingdom Hearts III and it’s an absolute BLAST.



Still haven’t decided if i’m going to tackle the PS4 re-releases before going into 3 which might end being god knows when.

@NorthStarKen, yes you do!


For me this thread should be “Games you haven’t been playing but still bought”

I have the complete Kingdom Hearts Collection, Spider-Man, RE2 just all unplayed lol


Story of our lives. lol


I have Child of Light, Metro Redux and Divinity Original Sin.


Dat Red Dead Doe? LOL



I’m in the Frozen World. This was the first time I’ve heard Let It Go in its entirety.


My first time was when a friend was streaming just dance and decided to pick that song and then he sang along to it too.


It’s certainly no Let it BE.


The first time I heard it was… in the movie. Yeah, my older sister was a huge fan, so I had to see it eventually. I gotta say though, Frozen is the better movie, but Tangled had the better songs.

Anyways, I don:t have KHIII yet. I’m tryna work up the money for it. I’ll stream it once I finally get it.


As someone that hasn’t seen Frozen or Tangled, Tangled looks to be the better movie. The only movies I’ve seen that is featured in KHIII is At World’s End and Toy Story.

I think I’m close to the end.

I got to completely upgrade my Kingdom Key.


SEB!!! :heart_eyes:


After 2 months of adventure, self-discovery, and uncovering the truth behind the events of Zero Dawn i am officially done with Aloy’s story.

Horizon Zero Dawn is a great game. The story telling may be it’s weakest aspect but it’s by no means a bad story, just one that isn’t as memorable. But, where Horizon truly shines is in everything else. The graphics are stunning, Ashley Burch’s performance as Aloy is up there with the best in the industry, and it never got old exploiting a machine’s weakness.

Platinum-wise is very easy. So easy Ken can do it. lol I kid. I mean that you don’t even have to look up a guide, just complete all the quests and you’ll get it. Bit time consuming though.

The Frozen Wilds DLC is also a great piece of content and quite meaty if you’re looking to get more out of Horizon. As of this moment is $9.99 on PSN.

All in all, Horizon Zero Dawn is a terrific and remarkable game. I get the feeling we’ll get a PS5 remaster (4K Native) to coincide with the sequel.


Battle Chasers. Good little rpg dungeon crawler.

Tried the Anthem demo, its a pile of shit like I knew it would be.


Anthem is one of those games where i feel everyone who is looking forward to it is telling themselves “don’t worry it’ll be great” when in reality it may just be average.


Finally diving into A Case of Distrust. It’s cute so far. Stylish, but otherwise minimalist. Doesn’t appear to be super long, but we’ll see if it continues to be interesting.

Been working my way through Dark Souls Remastered. My current goal is win the battle against Ornstein and Smough. Almost did it earlier, but one mistake wrapped that attempt up. There’s a lot to like to justify the fandom. That said, it does have its share of obnoxious design choices, but they aren’t too bad in the big picture.


Haven’t played anthem yet but I don’t even know if I will. Always looked like another Destiny, fake MMO bullshit. Those games get old fast for me.


The biggest problem with Anthem will be EA’s trash servers. Besides that, it was fun. If you don’t like loot shooters then it ain’t for you.