So what games have you been playing lately...


I am getting the deluxe edition JUST for the Elza Walker costume lol


I have the money to get the deluxe DLC, I just have to wait until the DLC is released.


Don’t forget “Rick Grimes” Leon lol I suppose that is a tremendous outfit.


Claire’s Noir outfit. :hearts:


Yeah I call that one the Smooth Criminal!


I like that smooth criminal, it looks like my agent on the division.


Leon’s Noir outfit is flat out Sebastian Castellanos’ outfit from The Evil Within.


It kind of sucks that Leon gets two new outfits while Claire gets three. I would have like to have Leon’s third outfit be the jacket he had in Resident Evil 6.


Yeah that’s too cool it’s Sebastian. Probably a nod to both franchise creator Shinji Mikami.


Same here. BTW, hadn’t seen any of the dlc costumes. All look awesome.

Currently playing Horizon Zero Dawn in Ultra Hard difficulty. Love the game and love Aloy. The story is the weakest aspect of it but the gameplay and Ashley Burch’s performance are phenomenal. Also, it goes without saying that the graphics are so stunning I often feel like i’m playing moving concept art.

Ultra Hard difficulty is definitely challenging, specially when dealing with multiple machines. It’s not too punishing but by no means a cakewalk. Helps to be level 50 and have the shield weaver outfit from a previous playthrough.


Welcome back Tai, and it didn’t even take me “begging” you to return! :wink:


You’re right. lol

RE 2 brought me back.


new D3 season starts tomorrow.

Going to roll DH.


I don’t know what any of that means.

But I have been playing Sea of Thieves a lot. They added a good bit since launch. It is a lot more fun now.


Resident Evil 6. After that Resident Evil and by the time I finish with that Resident Evil 2 should be out, BUT if I have time, I might play Resident Evil 4 again.


I hated 6 and never finished it. I might go back and try to continue it sometime. I played it knowing it was bad but got it anyway during a sale for the story.


I found RE 6 to be a ton of fun. I think if you’re not a hardcore fan of the horror style of the earlier entries and are more of a fan of or love the action found in 4 & 5 then you’re going to enjoy 6.

RE to me is like watching a scary movie. It’s fun because it has scary moments but i don’t take it seriously.

Btw, @NorthStarKen, you’ve been saying that for years now. Do it already dammit. lol


Diablo 3, season where you start a new character and meet challenge requirements to unlock special items. Using the Demon Hunter class.

It’s sad playing it a bit, I think it may be the last proper Diablo we ever get.


I loved playing RE6 a lot last Gen and it was hard to find any friends to play it with since the online town meeting ruled it as a bad game. I even had fun invading people’s game as a monster (j’vao or however its spelled)


I LOVE the horror style of the earlier entries and I still enjoyed RE6. What I like about RE6 is that it knows what it is. It’s ridiculous and dumb. Resident Evil 4 is the perfect blend of action and horror. Resident Evil 5 is an action game pretending to be horror. Resident Evil 6 knows it’s stupid as hell and I enjoyed it very much.

At least that is how I viewed it.


I think people’s dislike towards 6 stems too much from being too attached to 1, 2 , and 3 per say. But, if you enjoy both styles (horror and action) or can enjoy 6 for what it is like you say then It’s a ton of fun.

It’s also a very Japanese game when it comes to being over the top action and silly so that’s also another box to tick for people going into 6.

I mean RE 6 it’s almost MGS levels of crazy at times. Then again so was 5… and the ladder half of 4? What i’m saying is if you like the over the top action of MGS then RE 6 is pretty much in your wheelhouse.