So what games have you been playing lately...


According to my Switch I’ve played The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild for 74 hours or more. All I need to do now is defeat Ganon.


Finished Breath of the Wild. 75 hours. This feels like a test run to see if Nintendo can make a open world game. For the most part, they succeeded. If they take this and fixes the mistakes (broken weapons, plot that feels like an afterthought) and make it better, the next Zelda is bound to be INCREDIBLE. It’s a great game but it feels like a shell of an incredible one.

Due to the stamina wheel, the blood moon and the breaking of the weapons, I had to break a Open World rule of mine: Very Little to No Fast Travel. If there was no breaking of the weapons I would easily excuse the other things. And it’ll take me much longer than 75 hours to finish.

I really don’t like that after you beat the game, it sends you right in front of the room where you fight Ganon. They should have just left you outside the Ganon-less castle and you can freely explore without worrying about Guardians. I would also like to see something carry over to a new game. I would have been fine if it was just armor that got carried over, but nothing does.


I’ve been playing Okami lately and 1 immature decision has caused me so much laughter.


That reminded me of what I did with mine when I played it on Steam.


Lol, I bet you were shocked to see that on the walls of Sei-an too.


Eh I defend the weapon breaking. If they didn’t you’d just find an OP one and use it the whole time. There is just something exciting about on shattering as well. The only thing I’ll accept is they could last a bit longer before they break.


I just entered a new area and this can’t be a coincidence



Wrapped up Goetia the other day. A lot of things it does well (music, atmosphere, puzzles). Some things not as well. (I’m skeptical the average person would think to apply a Caesarian shift.) That said, most progression flowed pretty well, save for a few bumps here and there. As I mentioned before, a subtle hint system would do wonders. All in all, for a dollar, I count it in the win column.

Also a ways into Monster Boy and the Cursed Kingdom. Definitely worth checking out. Bright, colorful visuals, fun music. Not super difficult, but sufficient challenge, and lots to explore.





Oh man, i just did a side quest and gave a lil girl some charcoal to draw…, guess what she drew!

I guess she was the one drawing boobs all over the walls in the district. She was all like “I know all the trends and I know exactly what will be the next big pattern.”


Diablo 3 new season coming up the 18th. Been playing it pretty heavy, since it may be the last proper Diablo we ever see.

Looking forward to Path of Exile coming out on consoles. Gonna boot it up on PC and see how it is.


Resident Evil 4. In my second playthrough, in the start of the Castle section, I finally got the Chicago Typewriter.


The Chicago Typewriter is OP and Awesome. It took me little over 7 hours to beat Resident Evil 4 because of it.

I got Bayonetta today :smiley: Not sure when I’ll get Bayonetta 2 though.


Finished the main story of Labyrinth of Refrain. There’s a bit more with the “true ending,” and I’ll either eventually get to it or just watch it online depending on how obnoxious the post-game content gets. That said, I quite enjoyed the experience. There’s a lot to like if you have the time for a dive.

Dungeon-diving and party management is solid. The main story is engaging, and there ends up being a lot going on, though much of the meat doesn’t get shown early. There are a few questionable character/enemy designs, and one or two early story scenes felt a bit unnecessary, but it’s few and far between. Once the story threads start converging and you wrap your brain around the game mechanics, there is much fun to be had. As long as you don’t mind that the main story and the dungeoneering are basically parallel tracks with little significant interaction, it’s definitely worth a look.

In other thoughts, I picked up A Case of Distrust during the holiday sales. Now that the 24/7 content feed of AGDQ is over, I’m hoping to dive into that this week along with more of Grim Fandango.


That Resident Evil 2 demo doe?


I played it twice. One in my normal account and one in my JPN account. Playing it did not make the wait easier. Next Thursday at 11:00 PM I’m going to play Resident Evil 2 until 4:00 AM and the reason I would stop is because that is when The Good Place hits Hulu.


Yeah I played it on Xbox and also downloaded it on PS4 but haven’t played that one yet. I’ll savor it a bit and play it a little closer than release. It definitely raised my excitement level through the roof. Can NOT possibly be more excited.

I saw some datamining stuff that is VERY interesting.


A lot of it sounds like this game is much bigger in content than we thought. However, it could just be relics of dropped ideas.

Most notably Leon/A Claire/ B, Claire/A Leon/B. I truly think that was dropped.


Tried to do a 3-minute speedrun like what the other guys are doing…but it took me 17 minutes and 1 death