So what games have you been playing lately...


I just downloaded it today but haven’t tried it yet.

I’m taking a sick day tomorrow and am going to catch up on my gaming… Shhhhhh


On top of Red Dead, I’ve also been sprinkling in some Battlefield V and Spyro Trilogy. Also Spider-Man DLC. I’m spread pretty thin.


Spider-Man got a patch today and it adds the Raimi Suit. I guess I’ll be playing Spider-Man again.


I’m currently playing RDR2. Hey, what do you think of the Spyro Trilogy?


Last few hours before my PSNow sub ends:
Fairy Fencer F
Ben 10
Battle Chasers Nightwar


Will you be renewing the subscription? Was it worth it? I was thinking about subscribing maybe.


It looks beautiful and controls pretty fluidly. It is fun non stress game really. I am still on the first one.

I tried my cousin’s playstation VR tonight and it was pretty cool. London Heist had incredible shooting but sadly was only like a half hour long and only had two shooting missions.


Super Smash Bros. Ultimate


There were a lot of good games i got for free that PS+ hasn’t offered yet, some that i already got, and some PS3 and below games i may have missed too. You can even download some of them to avoid all the streaming inconveniences.

It was more worth it for the $18 for 3 months, but i think the regular price is just as worthy. You should try the 7-day trial first though


Bought The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild




I got Hitman 2 for Christmas and played a couple missions yesterday. It’s fantastic, the levels you are dropped in are probably the series’ largest. They are HUGE.

I highly recommend picking it up especially in the $29.99 sales going on currently. It ALSO includes the previous Hitman game remastered with the new engine changes for free.


Got the full version of Labyrinth of Refrain earlier this week as a gift. Been digging into that properly. Still enjoying it; slowly learning how much there is mechanically to wrap your brain around.

Also picked up Grim Fandango Remastered and Goetia on the cheap. Both are solid and entertaining, but very different moods. Like many games of the genre, each could do with a hint or nudge system of sorts, especially GF. There was one puzzle in particular with (in retrospect, of course) a reasonable-ish solution, but I doubt I’d ever have figured it out (the solutions was multi-step, with no positive feedback in the middle). Fortunately, those moments aren’t too frequent.



YES! :smiley:
For now, though, Breath of the Wild.


That’s what my Gamestop giftcard is going toward. God I can’t wait.


Wandered around aimlessly in Zelda for a good while and I decided to check and see what the Master Sword is like and how to get it. Lvl. 30 damage, 188 hits before running out of energy, 10 minute cool down, needs 14 hearts to get.

Need to do 16 shrines to get the Sword.


Isn’t it tremendous? God, Breath of the Wild is SOOOOOOOO good. I still need to do the DLC.


Digimon Hacker’s Memory
Agents of Mayhem

Monster Hunter Stories


Finally got the Master Sword. That 188 hit before break thing is if you fully powered it up by the Trials of the Sword DLC…

At least it doesn’t break every five minutes like the rest of the weapons.



Found all the memories, found all the Great Fairy Fountains and climbed all the Towers.

The breaking of the weapons is still annoying and because the weapons break I hate seeing a Blood Moon.