So what games have you been playing lately...


I platinumed Spider-Man and didn’t get one. I did get a avatar.


Ok, I’m starting to remember why I never beat Pokemon Moon.

This shit is by far the most boring fucking Pokemon game that I have ever played. It’s way too easy and while I appreciate them trying something new by replacing the gyms with trials, the trials are short and easy as shit.


Nope my friend doesn’t even own the game. Others there hadn’t all platd either. Some people like me got 15 bucks for pan though. Idk what criteria they used to determine who got it.


Only played like three hours of Let’s Go… just no motivation, and I even got the controller. :frowning:

And now that Smash is out on Friday (prebought it and the season pass today), I dunno when I’ll get around to it again. Maybe I just need a break from the series, like I did during Gen 3. I still haven’t beaten Alpha Sapphire or Moon, or bought UltraMoon.



It happens.

I got the Persona Endless Night collection and am trying to figure out why my PS4 digital download of P4 Dancing is locked.


That reminds me I need to buy the season pass for smash.


There’s no rush.

And as a follow up that Persona 4 Dancing All Night unlocked after I turned my PS4 back on. I am not sure which to start first. Maybe that one since it is oldest. I want to start 3 pretty bad though.


I don’t even know how to say the rival’s name, either.

I think it’s


His canonical name is Trace.

He’s so lame. I worry he’s poisoning the well for Barry in the Diamond/Pearl remakes. (My fave rival.) :frown:


Gen 7 just stopped being fun. even with conveniences like HM removal and post-catch team replacement, they remove other great features like Super Training, a good Join Avenue, and Dexnav and such. And most of the new monsters are worthless.

I think as soon as Gen 8 starts, LGPE will be playable again. but for now it’s just distractive filler to make the wait less painful


I like Trace I think he grows on you after more than three hours but you wouldn’t know that…Fuck Barry.



LGPE was an “oh shit we need to stall while we finish gen 8 but we can’t put the usual time and resources into another normal remake game” move that lucky worked out for them and probably will lead to future remake games for other generations in the Let’s Go style. Not sure if that’s what I won’t but it’s an ok appetizer before the main meal in fall 2019.



It’s just painfully awkward knowing that the story was not written for Trace. Like he does all the same things as Blue but with different motivations.

I like sun and moon, but gen 7 as a whole is the most underwhelming generation yet.


I was talking about in Sun and Moon.


Ohh, Hau. Hau’s awesome. If I were in a Pokemon game, I’d pretty much be Hau (or Dia from Pokemon Adventures.)


hau > shillie


So, the Spyro Reignited Trilogy was tons of fun. Those games held up pretty well and the new visuals were stunning. And it was only 40 bucks.


I played the DMC5 demo earlier. Stunning game on Xbox One X and I’m sure on everything else as the art direction is excellent. This game’s use of color is really nice. I like how we’ve gotten away from the earth tones a bit this generation. Anyway, the demo doesn’t have a lot of content. It’s basically a tutorial mission with a boss fight at the end. I’m not an expert on this type of game but to me it plays well.


Because of the announcement of Mortal Kombat 11 and the Flash sale a couple of weeks ago, I’ve been playing Mortal Kombat X.

Next year will be 25 years of being a fan of Mortal Kombat.