So what games have you been playing lately...


There’s a new costume in Super Mario Odyssey and GODDAMMIT


I decided to start on Chrono Cross, now I’ve heard that this game is worse than Chrono Trigger, and I’m honestly not a fan of Chrono Trigger.

But you know me. I have the controversial opinion that Sonic Adventure is better than Super Mario 64, so it might be something I enjoy. If I don’t, well, there’s always trading it in.


I listen to the Chrono Cross soundtrack often.


it’s worse than Trigger because it’s not that game again, running on its own engine and character designs. But it’s not bad at all. The real reason it’s worse is because it reveals a dark future for Trigger…the one before Robo’s future, that is.

and yes the soundtrack is GODLY


I’m loving God of War quite a bit. As I said the previous games didn’t really do much for me but the Axe is FANTASTIC and Atreus is cool.


Modern Warfare Remastered. I picked it up yesterday for $17 at Walmart. I already finished and getting the rest of the trophies. It’s still a fantastic and intense game. I’m not looking forward to Veteran Difficulty, but I’ll do it just the same.


Scooped up The Messenger and Blaster Master Zero from the eShop sale. Both are cute so far. Should be sufficient with Diablo III to pass the next couple of weeks until Smash.


I just now noticed that Gamestop was giving away rebated XBox360’s. I don’t know what id play on it, but im still pissed that i missed it


I realized the other day that I barely made it past the first island in Pokemon Moon back when it came out (I’d really burned myself out on Pokemon at the time), so I started a new game after super training a couple of level 1s in OmegaRuby and transferring them over.

I’ve been sitting on a shiny Eevee from OR for years and I finally decided to evolve him into Espeon.


Been playing Modern Warfare Remastered on Veteran. I only have one mission left; Mile High Club.


The Uncharted Series on Crushing
Dark Souls
The Queen Valkyrie in God of War

All of these are a walk in the park compared to Mile High Club on Veteran.



I have been playing Assassin’s Creed Odyssey again, no matter what else I play I keep going back to it.


Started Red Dead Redemption 2…Oh boy did the stiffness of the controls need some getting used to.


Play that then pop in Assassin’s Creed and you’ll feel like your character is flying around on speed or something lol Was VERY jarring going back to it after Red Dead.

How are your overall impressions so far aside from controls?


Red Dead is LIFE! I just wish it wasn’t so damn foggy all the time. I’ve been exploring and hunting for WEEKS and now I finally started doing the story missions back to back and dayum! I’m in chapter 5 and this damn red dead online released yesterday and I was hooked.



I was listening to Spotify to help me calm down and this was the song that was on:


I’m not very far but I love the game my favorite character so far is Susan Grimshaw lol she’s a sassy old lady, I also like Hosea. One or both will likely die since all my favorite characters in Rockstar games usually die for some reason lol. It’s a very pretty game. Was looking at the trophy list and some of the ultra rare seem pretty easy to do to be honest.


Wicked! Also, I love Chevelle!


Picked up Dragon’s Crown Pro.

Also since I saw someone plat’d Spider-Man. Did you get an invite to the screening of the new animated film?

Friend of mine did and took me with him. Spider-Man: Into the Spiderverse.

Was pretty good, couple SJW’esque moments but not super heavy. All in all worth seeing when it’s out.


is this a reward you get for Plat’ing a game? I never work on trophies ever.