So what games have you been playing lately...


why come i never get an email that counts how long ive played?


This is the first time that gave me a Time Played. The last Platinum Emails I got was God of War III: Remastered Edition and Uncharted 4. Both didn’t give me the full time.


Tried Tetris Effect and it was amazing. There is this one mode you can play called Mystery. You’ll need to find it, but it’s worth it. This is Tetris’s Pac-Man Championship Edition DX.

The demo is only available for this weekend only.

I’m not sure about the $40 price tag, but I’ll gladly pay 20.


Started on the Switch version of Diablo III earlier. About an hour or so in. Initial impressions are positive. Looking to give cooperative play a go before long.


Hitman 2 is looking to be :fire:


Updated Diablo III thoughts after a few hours of online co-op today with my brother.

Connectivity was solid. Not perfect, but with what I’m sure is a pretty aged router here, it was solid enough on both ends (alongside a Steam voice chat).

Played a Barbarian to pair with a Demon Hunter. I got to be a taunting meat shield while ranged attacks and debuffs rained in from afar. Good times. We started on the second difficulty, but soon kicked it up to the third for a bit of a challenge. Enemies can be a bit HP-heavy at times, but nothing insurmountable. Just right at this point.

Plays well the more I adjust. Leveling up is fun, too. There’s always some neat reward, be it a new ability or some modification to one. As someone who played a lot of Diablo II, the flow and general play is different, but still somewhat familiar. There’s a general streamlining that shies away from the old micromanaging of stats and skill points, but it definitely works.


Diablo III was one of the first PS4 games I played. I can’t say about the Launch Version, but the version I played was fantastic. I was a Demon Hunter.


Just tried out Red Dead Redemption 1. does this game get fun at some point? i had to tour a small town on horseback and shoot rabbits and wolves with a tiny crosshair and non-standard controls. i guess the “hold X to auto-follow the npc” was neat


Sounds like you’re early on. The first couple of hours has Marston doing Ranch Work. It’s a slow start, but once you are out of the world the game becomes amazing.


Non-standard? But I think in the settings you can make the dot bigger and change the shape, not 100% sure but in most Rockstar games you can do that.


The new South Park joked about RDD2. what is this about a snow level?


The first couple of hours has you wait out a blizzard. It’s the game’s way of teaching you how to play before dropping you into the world.


Enjoyed the Persona dancing demos. If you have a PS4 try them out. It is more manageable than I expected. I expected it to be more impossible. I start on easy to get the hang of it.


Picked up God of War (PS4) for $19.99 with sales and coupons. Probably won’t start it until I finish Red Dead.


That is a hell of a price for that. It’s an excellent game.


I had a hard time getting into the other God of War games, this one seems different enough. And I like Norse Mythology.


It’s completely different this time around. It still does the hack and slash, but it’s more methodical and less button-mashy.


Totally want God of War 5 and Spider-man and uncharted. But muh PS+ free games. I even just got Battle Chasers on PSNow


Been playing Red Dead since launch. Took a break and started God of War a couple hours ago. I’m enjoying it so far, that fight with the stranger was awesome at first and DBZ-esque, though I felt it went on a bit too long.

Side Note: I played a couple hours of Assassin’s Creed Odyssey and it felt like fast motion after playing Red Dead for weeks lol Kassandra was flying around it felt like.


Finally cleaned my PlayStation 4. Considering that I’ve had it since early 2014 the fan wasn’t as dirty as I thought. Now, when booting up Red Dead Redemption 2, the system doesn’t sound like it’s howling in demon pain.