Sbf stabbed in the back: Jade Raymond joins Google


Holy cow I haven’t thought of Jade Raymond in years.

Hope this works out and Google dominates everyone like always.


uhhhhh you might temper that excitement, almost every game she’s worked on this decade has been a clusterfuck.,116574/

Anyways considering all the testing Google has done to make YouTube work across a range of connection types I don’t doubt they will be great/ the best? with streaming games.


Lol I just remember you liking her back in the AssCreed 1 days.


I did and then that infamous comic came out and I didn’t appreciate her not being able to take a dirty joke.


Only played Ass Creed 1. 2 didnt seem to change anything gameplay-wise


I’ve only played up to AC3 I lost interest in the franchise but Odyssey looks interesting.