(RUMOR) Sony looking into buying Konami IPs

Can’t be certain that it’s true (the source is a 4chin image lol,) but Sony should just buy Konami outright.

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This would be awesome-with-an-asterisk in the same way Bayo 2 and 3 were/are.

Personally I would hope for PC ports but I know that’s a longshot…

Konami has too much baggage to buy outright. Konami has historically had no clue what to do Silent Hill and has always been open to giving it to external developers if they do a good pitch. It would be easier to just hand it off to Sony but it feels a little “fanboy dreams”. I think a much more likely thing is Sony being an external developer for the next Silent Hill game but Konami will still own the IP

Konami to rename itself to Yugi-Pachi Inc, after its two primary moneymakers following the sale of all its video game properties to Sony Entertainment.

Horizon Zero Dawn is coming to PC, so who knows. I can see PlayStation exclusives coming to PC a year or 2 after release.

This would be a BIG GET for Sony if they do get these IPs.

Buy IPs.

Fuck buying Konami.

This would be amazing if true.

I just wonder why Konami would be willing to sell the IP.

Good point. The only scenario i see is Konami not knowing what to do or not having any plans with these IPs so they gain by selling them.

They could also make a deal where Sony gets to make the traditional single player games for PS5 based on these IPs and Konami can still make Pachinko machines out of Metal Gear, Silent Hill, Castlevania, ect.

I could see Konami llicensing it out so Sony can make PS5 games but I don’t see them selling the IP.

If true please get Bloody Roar too.

I would love to have a new Bloody Roar

It’s all part of a plot to get Kojima to do another Metal Gear game.

Yugioh pachinko? Well, they are also known for their gambling machines, in Vegas even

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