Rumor: Best Buy Switch leaks


Coming to a Switch near you:

  • Metroid Prime Trilogy
  • Persona 5
  • The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past


Just woke up. is the PS3 out yet?


I’d love a Metroid Prime Trilogy where I can use both joysticks to aim. The motion stuff I wasn’t a fan of. I played a lot of the first one and even paid an assload for the Wii version years ago.



I believe it because of Wario64.

All good stuff. I get the feeling it will be a while before we know. Nintendo said Smash Bros 3.0 is late April and guess what else is late April info about Persona 5s specifically mentioned the 25th.


That IGN April Fools joke wasn’t totally off then.


These listings seem off. Metroid Prime Trilogy is old and was supposed to come out months ago.

Atlus doesn’t typically announce games for worldwide release, there’s always a gap before it even gets confirmed for the US.

Also why would A Link to the Past, an SNES game have a retail release?? I would lean to it being a remaster but they just announced a remaster of a top down Zelda game.


I just pray to God that Persona 5R is a expansion like FES and not a fucking Persona Golden situation, DON’T want to rebuy the game again.


Too bad sucka! This is hopefully gonna be Dragon Quest 11 S: Definitive Edition all over again.

Switch keeps winning. :sunglasses:


It is like FES again, they already announced the female MC

You will have to rebuy the game though, I doubt they will push it as DLC or implement new game plus because lol FATLUS

Also this is already confirmed for PS4. Switch might get it or they might get the PS3 vanilla version of P5 with some Zelda skins or something like that.


Damn. I meant the Epilogue stuff from FES but that still answers it. I wonder if I should ever buy a Persona game at launch ever again or just wait a couple years now (like I’ll be able to in the first place).


I think many people just wait for the new version to drop in price and buy it later. But Atlus gets away with this stuff because their fan base doesn’t call them out on it. They still think Atlus is one failure away from going bankrupt so they will throw themselves at any opportunity to give them money.


Totally down for these, I’ve been wanting to replay WW for a few months and despite my excitement, I don’t think I ever did fully beat TP HD. (I have beaten it three times though, including a 100% run for the third…)

Aside from maybe Mario 3D World I’m not sure what else Nintendo can port from Wii U to Switch that I care about now… Switch pretty much has a better version of everything that counts.


They sure made me a fool for buying the Wii U.


I was pretty glad I skipped out on getting Bayonetta for Wii U because it was much more worth it getting it on the Switch.


Well it’s not like developing these the first time was free… think of the Wii U like the Switch’s Kickstarter or something. :stuck_out_tongue:


At least Super Mario Wii U came with it for me lol If the Wii U didn’t also play Wii games I would be seriously not happy about it but that made it worth it since I never had a Wii and got to catch up and play some good games.


WiiU was a Beta Switch or BS for short :grin: