Resident Evil 3 Remake

Having played the demo so many times here’s a little more insight i can give:

Dodging Perfectly - For me i feel it works best if I’m moving/walking in the direction i want to dodge and then pressing R1 as soon as the zombie launches on me.

Downing Nemesis - Any explosion downs Nemesis. You have about 30 seconds before he recovers. Use this moment to your advantage. You can use granades (1 is enough) and you get two throughout the demo. Also, those red barrels lying around do the trick as well. Unlike Mr. X and more like the Alien in Alien Isolation it seems he is invisibly tethered to you which must be why he’s always around. You can use doors to slow him down a bit as he tries to fit through them. Lastly, there are certain areas where he won’t follow you so keep that in mind.

Getting the Sub Machine Gun - Let yourself die and don’t choose continue. Instead choose “Change game mode” which lowers the difficulty. Jill will now the weapon on her + more inventory slots. Also, run back the train area where you started to get SMG ammo. Oh and on Easy combining ammo yields better results.

Opening the safe - Look for the answer in the farmacy. Doesn’t matter which way you start the combination. It can be left, right, left or right, left, right despite the sign saying otherwise. I believe this was the same in RE 2 but i didn’t know this.

As for the toy bobbleheads you really have to look at a video guide. Some of them are so tricky to find you need to perform certain tasks before they appear.

Given these games are built for speedruning i decided to try it myself and after a couple tries i managed a time of 2:47 mins. Since all you really need is one key item, accomplishing this wasn’t difficult at all. I’m 100% sure someone out there did it in less than 2. lol

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Good observations, Tai! I can’t wait for this. God, I love Resident Evil.

Since RE 3 is in the wild the trophy list has leaked and it’s separate from Project Resistance. :smiley:

However, one of the trophie requires you beat the game in Hardcore or higher, suggesting a harder difficulty. Definitely interesting. Perhaps a mode where Jill dies in one hit? Or not being able to save at all? Let’s hope i don’t jinx it now and the latter doesn’t end up being true. lol

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Of course the first mod would be the nude mod. lol I would share it but I can’t seem to find it.

But, on a different note modders are trying a different look for Jill:


Needs work but it’s getting there and i approve.

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im enjoying this game’s inclusion of thicc zombies

cant wait to play this in 20 years

Those thicc zombies were in RE 2 Remake as well.

More things I’ve noticed about Nemesis - The areas in which he can appear out of nowhere are scripted. Once he disappears he will emerge again past a certain point and will always be in the same spot. Also, he’s not attracted by sound (unlike Mr. X), after he’s gone you can fire all the bullets you want and it won’t make him appear. In addition, there’s other rooms aside from safe rooms he won’t go into. Keep these things in mind and he’s a whole lot easier.

Those are a few tips to help you deal with Nemesis. Decided to blur it in case someone wants to found out for themselves.

One thing i learned today is that you can combine the perfect dodge with the knife and Jill performs a cool slash attack that deals quite a bit of damage to the zombie. Doing this you could save a lot of ammo but it requires more patience and skill.

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The part where the zombies take down the fence is ugly to look at. It’s like watching a mid generation PS3 cutscene. It would also be nice at this point in gaming not to have clothes on Jill and the zombies clip through other parts of the models.

Did you play the demo in 4K? I’ve been playing on Pro (not 4K native) and it looks pretty good.

The zombies clipping through the environment does tend to happen but rarely. The most I’ve seen clipping from is Nemesis though but it doesn’t bother me.

Speaking of zombies, I’ve also noticed they now seem attracted by proximity rather than sound. I have to further test this but seems to be the case. In RE 2 Remake you could walk past a zombie and as long as he didn’t see you they would never know you were there.

It isn’t only the resolution of the cutscene but the animation of it too which is jerky and odd. Played on a Pro and the cutscene with Carlos is pretty though.

Nemesis basically disappears when he’s close to Jill and hits her.

No doubt the scene is cheesy but it plays fine for me. Even on YouTube it looks the same i think. But, hey maybe i just don’t notice that type of stuff.

Anyway, yes, zombies now behave more by proximity. Perhaps Capcom did this in order to make zombies more of an obstacle since speedrunners in RE 2 Remake could pretty much stealth their way through zombies unseen.

It’s a bit of a disappointment though. I like that aspect of RE 2. It’s a nice little strategy to use in certain areas of the game.

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Can you get him to disappear and leave in the demo or do you have to just not get the hose and not trigger him until you are ready? You said gunshots won’t make him appear when he is gone.

Yes, his appearance won’t trigger until you grab the hose and go through the doughnut shop.

Once he appears you can make him go away by going to specific areas, like the Kite Bros Railway building or where the fire hydrant is. You can fire to your heart’s content and it doesn’t attract him. However, if you walk back a certain extent he reappears faster than Mary Poppins. But, all those areas are scripted so you use that to your advantage and anticipate him.

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It has been fun watching Let’s Players who played a ton of the demo get shocked when things were different.

I am close to the end of RE3 Remake and LOVING it. I think it may be more repayable than Remake 2 for me because I hate the RE2 sewers so much.

So Capcom explicitly had RE4 (in particular) and its story in mind when developing RE3make… interesting…

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It makes complete sense when reading documentation in the game, especially in the final area of the game.

Very good idea on Capcom’s part I think.

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