Resident Evil 3 Remake

Having played RE 2 Remake for months on end you’d think i would be over the moon excited for for RE 3. And, while that was the case at some point, once the game got officially announced my excitement level was lower than Bethesda’s work on Fallout 76…

I think i may have played a little too much of RE 2. Just a bit. lol

However, fast forward to now and seeing the game in action as well as Nemesis terrorizing the living hell out of Jill and i gotta say the excitement feels like it never left.

Two concerns though. It’s releasing 2 weeks before FF7R on April 3rd so i’m a little undecided as to which i should get first since even if i got RE 3 knowing me I’d probably take more than two weeks to complete. 2nd concern is the game being bundled with Project Resistance. I’m hoping the trophy list is separate since I’m pretty sure it’s bound to have some pain in the ass online trophies.

Already pre-ordered it and I’m excited.

My only concern though is the content. Resident Evil 2 remake has Hunk, Tofu, costumes, a brand new mode, models and concept art.

So far that we’ve seen, Resident Evil 3 remake just has Project Resistance. The Mercenary mode isn’t even back. Having the classic costume locked behind pre-order doesn’t bode well with costumes.

You can’t unlock the classic costumes through the campaign? That sucks if so. While there was also pre-order DLC costumes in RE 2, you could unlock them through the campaign.

We are so damn pampered. Costumes, modes and etc… Didn’t even exist back in the SNES days. Just play the short ass tough as nails campaign and that’s it lol

But yeah I am pumped, I am just afraid the Nemesis will be annoying and break the enjoyment if it hunts me constantly. I didn’t like Mr. X too much, found him more annoying than a threat.

FF7 is no concern to me, I will play both at the same time, switching depending on my mood.

Ken, you can run circles around Mr. X. He’s so easy to avoid.

Nemesis on the other hand… He’s going to be trickier for sure since he can leap in front of you from behind and drag you towards him with his tentacles. This alone makes him 10x harder than Mr. X. However, we now have a dodge mechanic which i think will play a large role into avoiding Nemesis more easily.

Btw, i’m a one game at a time person. I can’t do two or three games at once like you Ken. lol

I’m a one game at a time person as well. I have no idea when I’m going to play this. This comes out just days after Persona 5 Royal.

Yeah I know, you guys are weirdos lol Just kidding. Maybe I have a shitty attention span and I will admit it makes it harder to finish games having them spread out.

My life is going to be a shit ton of Animal Crossing mixed with RE and FF7 lol

Can’t even begin to fathom juggling those 3 games. All 3 couldn’t be more opposite of one another. You are nuts, Ken. NUTS. lol But, in a good way.

Besides we all know Animal Crossing is the most hardcore of the bunch.

The portability of the Switch will help with Animal Crossing. I will prob have it with its kickstand up a lot lol

I just heard in an IGN news feed that supposedly Nemesis not only can bust down doors but can also go into safe rooms…

Shit just got real. :scream:

No. It was just a misunderstanding. Much like Mr. X in Resident Evil 2, Nemesis can’t bust down a safe room door.

Also like in Resident Evil 2, there are save areas that the Nemesis can get into, like Mr. X and the police department’s lobby where there was a typewriter there.

Capcom had said that if you hear the save room music, you are completely safe.

Yeah thank God it isn’t true because it would be a major turn off to me.

Okay, good to know. I was already mentally preparing myself. lol

Now that i think about it if this had been true it would definitely slow down speedruns.

Apparently there’s a demo coming soon. I wonder if it’ll be time restricted like RE 2. Not to mention that it was also a one chance to play demo.

It’s official the RE3 demo is coming March 19th.

No word yet on what kind of restrictions it’ll have.

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Smart dropping before animal crossing lol

We all know Animal Crossing is the scarier game. The amount of things you can do in those games has always disturbed me…

Anyway, no demo restrictions for RE 3. :clap:

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Highly enjoyed the demo. Had a smile on my face the whole time like a big idiot lol Just felt right. The look sensitivity when aiming was nuts though.

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Yeah demo looks amazing! While RE 2 Remake is a stunning game as well it has a weird washed out look that makes it look hazy at times. RE 3 Remake has none of that. It looks unbelievable!

I’ve played the demo twice now and the controls certainly got a little more heft. Jill definitely feels slightly more heavy than both Leon and Claire wether it’s aiming, moving, or running. I’ve been replaying RE 2 recently and it’s been a little adjusment for sure.

The dodge mechanic takes some practice though. Having played twice now I’m still a little iffy on it because whether you’re facing zombies or Nemesis the timing is different and changes depending on your position, environment (so you don’t dodge to a wall), and movement (deciding which way you’re going to dodge). It seems for the most part is best to dodge left or right as dodging backwards often results in getting grabbed or hit.

One thing i don’t like (hopefully not indicative of the final game but most likely it is) is that when zombies die it’s like they become part of the scenery and get stuck in that position on the floor. In RE 2 when you kill a zombie and you walk on top of the corpse the ragdoll physics make the body move slightly. Plus, you can dismember limbs while they’re dead by shooting parts of the body. Guess they did this because sometimes weird glitches would happen and make the game look bad or funny.

Nemesis is SCARY. Mr. X is a baby compared to this monster. He is fast, can appear out of nowhere, has a variety of move sets, and most of all it feels like you can’t escape him. Definitely terrifying. I think Capcom took all the shit we’ve been talking about Mr. X and wants us to eat those words with Nemesis.

All in all, demo is fucking AWESOME! There’s so much hidden content packed in this demo i definitely want to play it a couple more times. Btw, unlike RE 2 Remake i don’t remember anything about the original RE 3 so everything it’s new for me.

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Same here. When I got done I saw you were on my friends list playing and that made me happy too.

Yeah I freaked the first time Nemesis sprinted and jumped in front of me because I legit thought I was getting away LOL

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