Resident Evil 2 Remake ✪


Hope I don’t sound contradictory here but the difference between this mode and the campaign is that this mode just feels throwaway. It’s just a bunch of enemies in your path and your objective is to finish it as fast as you can.

Edit -

Just learned a new easy tactic against lickers:

The knife. Any knife.

You know how when you keep knifing zombies when they’re down they kinda get stuck in an animation where they’re trying to get up? Same thing happens with lickers only it’s more effective and all it takes is a couple of slashes to finish them. Plus, it’s a sure fire way of not alerting others. Just make sure to get close enough so as to prevent them from escaping. It happened to me but i managed to slash him again before he could hurt me.

One other thing. Early in the thread i compared getting S+ rank on Hardcore to Dead Space 2’s Hardcore. It does not. This is easy compared to DS2. Mainly because this is a much shorter game, can skip cutscenes, and the save spots aren’t that far apart.


What do you think of the new pale head zombies and other zombie types? Lol


They’re not that bad. It’s when trying to go for the infinite weapon in the No Way Out scenario that they become difficult since once you shoot 60 handgun bullets you have to rely on whatever you can find and Pale Heads are best handled with the flamethrower or the bolts weapon. Both of which you won’t always have access to or run out of.

Design wise they remind me of the Neomorphs from Alien Covenant. Then again have they appeared in past Resident Evil games?

Also, the Ivy creatures (plant-like monsters) are definitely an offshoot of the Generators from RE 4. Their movement is a bit similar and you have to shoot their weak spots to hurt them.

Are you looking to get the Platinum, Ken? Cause if you get the rank S (not S+) on Hardcore for either character you unlock the infinite SMG and then you can use it to get S on your other Hardcore playthrough. Plus, you don’t have to worry about how many times you save since it’s not required for rank S.


The Pale heads reminds me of the aliens from The X-Files movie.


I’m not sure yet if I am going to platinum.

Also I don’t think pale heads have been in any other RE game. The Ivy creatures sound like clickers from Last of Us lol


Both are apt comparisons.

As for the completionist, he certainly lives up to his name. He mentioned The Ghost Survivors DLC which he’ll dedicate a future video to and I’m sure he’ll have have problem getting the infinite weapon there.


Here’s the real life pale head: The Pale Man from Pan’s Labyrinth.

I will say I think I finally met my match in RE 2. Despite getting all the trophies in the game I still find myself trying to get the infinite ammo accessory in No Way Out.

Why? Because I love the game and the gameplay is so good. But, I can’t for the life of me finish it shooting 60 handgun bullets. I’ve made it somehow to 87, 91, and 93 zombies killed only to die somehow. I’ve watched videos, read strategies, and I keep failing again and again. If this was tied to a trophy it would certainly bump it up to 9 or 10 difficulty. S+ hardcore is not that difficult compared to this.

The reason why I keep trying is because I know I can do it. I just have to keep trying and hopefully get lucky. It’s still disheartening though to get so close to the finish line and make one mistake that puts you back at the beginning. And thing is I don’t care so much about these scenarios yet I want to let loose with infinite ammo and kill everything is my sight using these characters because the game is that good.

Wish me luck, again! lol


Good luck. I commend you for your efforts thus far!


This almost broke me but i finally did it. It was intense! I’m pretty sure my heart rate was through the roof whenever i was close to 80 zombies killed. lol

In the end arrived with more than enough health to tackle the last remaining 10 zombies and as you can see i fired exactly 60 handgun shots. I’ve seen people on YouTube do it with only 26 or so shots. Crazy.

So, what did i do afterwards? I did exactly what I said would do and replayed all the scenarios with infinite ammo and walking. That’s right i walked killing everything in sight, taking it out on every zombie who almost made me have a heart attack going for this. lol

Infinite ammo makes more sense in these scenarios because they’re basically horde missions. In the campaign having infinite ammunition kinda makes it a little boring and too easy.

All in all, I’m still playing the game and I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon. I’m currently going for S+ on the 2nd scenarios in both Hardcore and Standard which is something i said i wouldn’t do but this game has made me do the exact opposite almost every step of the way.

P.S. I think I’ll even do the tofu stuff.


I’ve never played the Resident Evil games in any serious manner. Would this be the time to jump in?


Absolutely. I think it takes a lot of the best aspects and puts them together well.


I agree with Ken. But, if you can get your hands on the first RE Remake which is available on PS4 i would advise you to play that first just so you understand where everything started as well as get to know the characters that will appear in later entries.


I thought the RE Remake too but was afraid he’d hate it mechanically or something and it would leave a bad impression of what RE is in his mind lol It is certainly the best place to start the franchise though.

RE2 is a good start, RE7 is even a good one to play for newcomers imo. It is first person. But I’d say go RE2.


The Resident Evil Remake is a Perfect place to start if you want to see what the series was like.

The Resident Evil 2 Remake is a Perfect place to start to see where the series (I hope) is going.

Both are a MUST play.




Tai is still playing this like a fiend. Like a savage lol


I was addicted to Uncharted Survival prior to RE 2 and then i got addicted to the weekly challenge in this game. lol

I may give it up soon though as i should be starting Evil Within 2 in a couple of days. Playing RE 2 kinda of reinvigorated my love for horror games.


Awesome. I loved The Evil Within 2, let me know what you think of it.

I need to be playing RE2 more than I have been. Still need to do both B runs.


Is there a dedicated thread to EW 2? If so i can’t seem to find it.


I don’t think one was made because there was no hype for it, and many ended up not liking the first game so that contributed to not so much hype.

Which is a shame because I ended up liking EW2, and I think it’s better than the first one.