Resident Evil 2 Remake ✪


Managed to do it. Finished with around 11,500 steps with Claire.

Currently trying to rank S Leon’s A campaign on Standard and boy do i love their original outfits.


Got rank S with Leon on Standard. Should’ve followed a run cause i ended up with 30 mins to spare and i could have easily gone past it. But, i guess it all worked out in the end.

Just started my Hardcore playthrough with Claire. I did consider the idea of getting rank S+ to unlock the infinite rocket launcher and mini gatling gun to make Leon’s campaign a cakewalk but when i saw the requirements… I said “Nope”. lol

I mean in order to get an S+ rank you can’t use the infinite weapons (except for the knife), it has to be 3 saves or less (giving me Dead Space 2 Hardcore flashbacks), and finish in less than 2 hours 30 mins for the A scenarios. Even if i were to follow a step by step run i think it would prove to be too much.

So, i’m currently going through Hardcore with Claire at a slowpoke pace putting 20+ bullets into anything that moves to make sure they don’t come back. I’ll uncover the secrets of this viral outbreak and save Sherry again even if it takes her forever to do it. lol


Get the sub machine gun and get and craft as many ammo as you can. DO NOT USE THEM. When I reached G3 on Hardcore I had 450 rounds of sub machine gun and over 20 acid rounds. With this, I managed to beat G3 on the first try.


Yeah good idea. I’ll do that.

Though i am rethinking going for S+ on a separate Hardcore playthrough… We’ll see.

Edit - Thought about it again. Not gonna happen. I just got to the orphanage and have already save 4 times. Granted, i am cleaning house and stocking up on everything which is taking LOTS of time. So, if i were to really speed run it i would not be wasting time even if i am set back to my last save…

Man, a part of me really wants that infinite rocket launcher and mini gatling gun.


Finished my Hardcore run with Claire. Took me close to 5 hours cause like i said i ran sacked everything.

G2 gave me the most trouble cause i only used the flash granades, the occasional bullet, and the crane (3 times).

G3 i managed on my first try because of one thing: Acid rounds. Trust me they’re your friend. Every time you shoot an acid round into G3 he staggers for a couple of seconds giving you plenty of time to unload the SMG into his weak spots. Then once his core is exposed stand behind him and use the knife (preferably the infinite one, causes more damage from behind) and repeat. Once his core is out in the open i threw 3 granades and shot him a couple more times and he was done. Only had to heal once.

Now onto Leon’s!


In many ways i feel like Claire’s campaign is a bit easier and is all because of her weapons. While Leon gets the cool shotgun it doesn’t do as much damage as the granade launcher. Plus, Claire has the Sub Machine Gun (MQ11) while Leon has to rely on the upgraded Matilda to do fast firing and even then is 3 bullets at a time.

Realizing this i think the biggest adjusment will be the G3 fight since i won’t have the acid rounds to stagger him.


Idk how you guys can do the sewers so much lol I hate the sewers. I am lagging because of the sewers.


The only problem in the sewers for me is the G2 fight at the end. The G-Adults can be avoided by shooting them while they’re submerged and running past them. The others i try to have a knife ready in case I get grabbed and once again run past them. Then i try to get the bolts weapon for Claire or the flamethrower for Leon to finish off the remaining G-Adult.

Watch any speed run and you’ll see what I’m saying.


Joined the platinum club. :smile:

All in all, I don’t think is that bad. I’d say it’s 6/10 in terms of difficulty. I think if you look for strategies this is a much easier platinum.

I can’t stop playing it and even though I’ve been going back and forth between getting rank S+ on Hardcore I’m beginning to believe i can do it. We’ll see.

Edit - If rank S+ on Hardcore was somehow tied to a trophy then we’d be talking 8/10 or 9/10.


Now destroy the Ghost Survivors lol It is not easy. Here is a fun video of Easy Allies trying. Shockingly Kyle Bosman even tries.


Have already heard some difficult parts about it so i can imagine. Will leave it for last.

I’m currently attempting S+ on Hardcore. Almost half an hour into it and my first save is right before the Birkin fight (G1). Had to save there because this fight can be unpredictable and I’m only using the infinite knife. If things get a little out of hand and he grabs me i stab him (i can retrieve the knife after the fight), use a couple of shotgun shots, and a few bullets to finish him off.

I got lucky today and killed him using only the knife. But, that victory was short lived because one hour into the game i arrived at the sewers. Hadn’t saved since then cause i plan my second save to be right before G2.

Okay, so just arrived at the sewers (w/ Leon btw) i notice that the video I’m watching continues a straight path rather than grabbing some shotgun bullets to the left. I figured I’m only gonna waste a couple of seconds grabbing those so i went for it and immediately i hear a zombie noise and i was thinking “it’ll probably emerge from the water and I’ll kill it” but thing is it didn’t. Nada. Nothing. So, I’m now in the path the video I’m watching is in and because in the video i didn’t see him face any zombie when he turned the corner i did the same and BAM… zombie got me. Thing is i was already in danger from a previous bite and chose not to use a spray i had on me to save more healing items for the bosses…

I later realized I triggered the zombie’s appearance by going for get this… 2 measly shotgun shells. So, yeah. lol

Anyway, I’m not going to give up. I think If i arrive at NEST with 30 mins to spare i can finish it before the 2 hour mark which is the required time for the Rocket Launcher.


Funny thing is that story happened to me again with the same zombie… You see this time i came prepared. I said “I’m not going to be greedy” and knew what waited for me around the corner. But, i tried to go for a headshot with the the shotgun and missed. I was in a danger state cause once again i was being stringy with my healing items…

From then on i vowed never to take a headshot with the shotgun. Instead go for the legs and then blow their goddamn head off afterwards. Also, to always be in a “caution” state at the very least since 99% of bites, grabs, and attacks put you in the danger zone with full health.

Good news is i just made my 2nd save right before G2. I’m not exactly equipped as the guy I’m copying is (lost a lot of shotgun rounds to some goddamn dogs) but hopefully I’ll manage.

I’m not so worried about NEST aside from those stupid plant creatures but as long as I tread carefully i should be fine.

Wish me luck!


Good luck, Godspeed.

What a great game. I am enjoying watching some of my favorite Youtube channels do Let’s Plays.


Have yet to watch anyone play it. It will be fun to watch people play and make mistakes and whatnot. haha

Anyway, I did it. Got rank S+ with Leon on Hardcore!

The hardest part is not saving until the fight before G2 cause one mistake sets you back so much and while I wasn’t afraid of the sewers before I definitely was during this run cause things happened that weren’t supposed to and it was nerve wracking to get through. Once you get the last chess plug and you’re home free to the fight is pretty much smooth sailing from there.

G3 gave me a bit of a fight but I managed on the 3rd or 4th try. I had 2 Red/Blue/Green herbs, 3 bombs, 250 flamethrower fuel, and picked up a spray and more fuel during the fight. Also had 38 shotgun rounds.

I beat Super Tyrant on the first round. Then again I went in with 3 Red/Blue/Green herbs, 3 bombs, and plenty of shotgun rounds and handgun bullets. He didn’t stand a chance. lol

Wish I had taken a screenshot of the final result (1:44.05) but was too excited to get my infinite rocket and machine gun that I forgot. lol And while the video I was watching did not go for the last hip pouch (got the one in the police station and the last one using the modulator in NEST) I chose to because there was plenty of time left and made things easier with the last bosses.

Just started Claire’s S+ run on Hardcore and once again saved before G1. I plan on getting rank S on all the difficulties because I love this game so goddamn much. I won’t go for S+ on the 2nd Hardcore scenarios because 1) It doesn’t unlock anything and 2) I need to relieve some stress going for these insane runs and what better way than to test my new infinite gifts. lol

Pro tip: NEVER EVER choose continue or load the save file when you die. Instead quit and then load your file because if you do the former the game automatically keeps the clock or your steps going (if you’re going for less than 14,000) for some stupid reason. Meaning it probably has taken you 5 or 6 tries to beat G1 only to look at the clock and see you’re close to an hour and a half when you arrived there in 22 mins or so.

BTW, you can use the infinite knife going for S+, just not the other infinite weapons.


You guys are monsters lol I don’t have the patience for that. I could probably platinum it if I really felt like it. You can do the steps and item box and heal thing on Assisted, correct?


Yes, you can get all those trophies on Assisted. Remember that when going for the Small Carbon Footprint (14,000 steps or less) always quit to the title screen if you die and then load your last save file.

Don’t know if you want to do both the no healing and no item box on the same run. It’s not that difficult and since you won’t be picking up healing items you’ll have more room for other stuff. Plus, you can pick up all the hip pouches as well. Just remember that if you plan on using the infinite knife you can’t because it’ll void the trophy since the knife is in the item box.

Trophy talk aside one thing i find weird in the story is that if if Mr. X dies in Claire’s version of the events then how come he appears at the end to stop Leon? Only answer i can think of is that either there’s more than one or that he didn’t die despite having it’s mid section ripped apart almost entirely.


Now onto the DLC!


Have fun, that shit aint no joke lol It is fun to keep trying different things though


Don’t know if I’ll go for the infinite weapons in the DLC as i hear is much more difficult than what i just did. We’ll see.


Think the DLC is a fun side experience but once i complete No Way Out i won’t bother with it afterwards. Time based objectives are not my thing and i wish i could tackle these at my own pace being able to kill everything but instead you have to manage your inventory and run past most enemies and that doesn’t do it for me.

To top it off getting infinite ammo in these scenarios seems pointless since there’s really no replayability once you finish it once.

I’ll focus first on beating the No Way Out scenario. If i feel like unlocking the cat ears (infinite ammo) then I’ll go for it but doubt it since like i said there’s really not much to this mode.

Last thing I’ll do is get S (not S+ since I’ll be using the infinite weapons) on all the other difficulties and scenarios in the main game.