Resident Evil 2 Remake ✪


Speed runs should help.


It’s beating both Claire’s and Leon’s run on Hardcore that is going to be hard. Then there’s The Fourth Survivor. I saw Micheal Huber run it and it looks Hard As Fuck.


Beat it without dipping into the item box then lol Have fun with the chess pieces. And without dying is more possible but not easy. Or was it without using a healing item? Much harder. The steps is the other I was referring to.


Thinking of starting my first run as Claire. Always chose Leon first back in the PS1 days. Think is time i do the opposite.


Game is so great. Loved watching Mike Huber and Kyle Bosman of Easy Allies play.


Got the game today. First time i have a package late from Amazon.

Might jump in later or fully start tomorrow.


God damn this game is good!

Just stopped at solving the statue puzzle. Dreading the encounter with Mr. X…


Lovely graphics aren’t they? Who did you start with?


Claire. Her face is a bit weird to look at times but that aside I love everything else about her. Though she seemed awfully fangirl-ish reuniting with Leon at one moment and I was like “girl, you’ve only known yourselves for like an hour”. lol



Infinite Ammo is the only reason I even looked at Speed Running this.

I looked up a video walkthrough, and what I mean walkthrough, I just did what the player was doing.

By 1 hour and 47 minutes I entered the Lab. I didn’t even die til I reached the Final Birkin Fight. Then the game flipped and said “FUCK YOU AND YOUR CLEAN RUN” After a few attempts I decided that I would just die a few times, by this time I only had an hour and 15 before the deadline, so I died about 5 minutes worth. It helped, or didn’t help, that I barely had life when I started the fight.

The Mr. X fight wasn’t so hard.

This was NOT a fun playthrough. Thankfully, since I’ve got the Samurai Edge Infinite Ammo, it all goes up from here.



There is apparently a mod where that song plays every time he is around lol


Beaten both Claire A and Leon A on Hardcore. Now I need to beat the game without using the item box, using health, get all the packs and notes. All that can be done on Assisted. I also need to do The 4th Survivor.


Have fun with those chess pieces without hitting the item box.


I’ve already did it. It’s not as bad as it sounds. As long as you get all the hip pouches, you should be fine. Hell, I had some space left. And if I needed too, I still had about 3 knives and a grenade on me that I can discard.


The Ghost Survivors is out now and as of this post, the 98’ models isn’t out yet. They likely will by the time the new Sale hits.

Before I say any opinions about The Ghost Survivor, I want you to know that I tried all of them on Training to get an idea of what it was like. It’s basically more The 4th Survivor. If you enjoyed The 4th Survivor, you’ll enjoy this. I didn’t enjoy The 4th Survivor, and while it is more doable, I doubt very much I’ll continue playing this mode.

I did try the first one on Standard and once I went underground I heard a Licker and then immediately got slashed then bitten and dead within the first 5 minutes. Unless the accessories actually do something worth while, I seriously doubt I’ll play more of this.

I know I wasn’t expecting something gamechanging, but something that is cool. More like Mercenaries mode or Raid Mode. Not more The 4th Survivor. I guess it’s a good thing that Capcom didn’t release any footage of the mode because if they released a trailer and I saw that it was more The 4th Survivor, my expectations for it would have dropped like a fucking rock.

There is one extra mode that I did like, but you have to play the other ones to unlock it. I also tried that on Training, but I might play more of that mode on Standard. It was the best mode in The Ghost Survivors.


That’s too bad. I agree though we need a Raid Mode SOOOOOO badly. I loved Raid Mode in RE5 and Revelations 2.

I’ll try Ghost Survivor tomorrow.


Been away for a bit but I’m currently trying to finish Claire’s A campaign with less than 14,000 steps as well as achieving S rank on Standard.

Trophies left for platinum:

  • Leon Rank S Standard
  • Leon Hardcore
  • Claire Hardcore
  • 4th Survivor

Already had a bit of a misstep with my current run where i left the zombies alive in the library and when i came back to align the book shelves Mr. X and the Zombies were less than friendly having me around causing me to loose an hour and a half of time (Not in-game) cause either the zombies would get me or Mr. X would. Thankfully, i got lucky and got past it. However, what i didn’t know is that you can move all the book shelves by moving the first one from the left. I thought you had to individually move them. Had i known this it probably woul’ve saved me a couple hundred steps.

@StealthMaster86, don’t know if you know this but red and blue herbs combined give you a defense boost for a short time. Not like that’s gonna be the key to making hardcore easy but it should help a little.

I’m definitely leaving hardcore for last. Will get the infinite handgun before tackling it and will take my time with it.


If you want to beat the game will less that 14,000 steps, what I did was

Assisted Difficulty
Infinite Ammo
When you see Mr. X, just let him punch/throw you. In Assisted difficulty, he’ll do a pose long enough for you to escape.
ONLY pick up items that is in the way. Don’t go out of your way to pick up anything.
KNOW where to go.
Do it in 2nd Run.
Do the “Don’t open item box” trophy at the same time as this.

By the time I got to the end bit I did 9,808 steps.


Yeah i’m following a run on YouTube for the less than 14,000 steps trophy. Chose to do it on Standard to kill two birds with one stone.

Already did the “no using healing items” and “no item box” run.