Resident Evil 2 Remake ✪


Discussion/Hype thread similar to the Red Dead one. My hype level is through the roof. In a stacked year I think this will stand the test of time


Been highly anticipating this as well. Recently played the demo and loved it. Wish it wasn’t a one-chance demo as i’m okay with the 30 minute time limit but what can you do.

It just feels so good to play and playing the demo it killed me I couldn’t fully explore everything because of the timer. I did play a 2nd time on another account and managed to finish it.

I was originally going to play God of War next after i’m done with Horizon but by that time RE 2 will be out and i’ll be on vacation. So, you put two and two together.


This is a nice, pretty spoiler free watch unless you are totally media blackout and don’t know anything about RE2.


Tomorrow :smiley:
Mine unlocks 11:00 PM.


Resident Evil 2 is fantastic. It’s shaping up to be the scariest game I’ve ever played.


How about that IGN review eh?


Talk about a Clusterfuck.


End Game Boss Help just in case.

When fighting Mr. X for the last time, running around in circles will work. All I had was 4 flash bangs and 26 rounds of ammo. When he does his charge attack throw a flash to stop him from one-shotting you.


Mr. X chasing me was generally giving me anxiety lol

Graphics are incredible.

I hear they are already working on a RE3 remake.


I hope so.

Finished Leon A on Standard.

Playing Claire B and the difficulty ramps up.


Ramps up? Great. I already feel like it is fairly difficult and the enemies are bullet sponges lol


It took a little over 2 hours to die for the first time as Leon. It took about 20 minutes as Claire.


My first death was when I was Ada. Mr. X got me because I was confused on where to go after Anette left

I currently just got to the NEST as Leon. Am I close to the end? I never played RE2 previously, just the remake

But i love it, amazing game.


You’re almost there.

What difficulty are you playing?

Leon’s first death was by Licker, Claire (2nd Run) death was killed by Zombie.

I completely finished Resident Evil 2. This is EASILY the best Resident Evil game. It’s incredible.

I did start Claire Second Run again on Assist.

The thing that is going to suck, and I may not do it now since Kingdom Hearts III IS SO CLOSE is trying to get an S-Rank with Leon on Standard. Doing that grants you a Samurai Edge with Infinite Ammo. I also missed 4 Mr. Raccoon for Infinite Knife.


Anxiously awaiting the game. Not trying to rush the Frozen Wilds DLC but I can’t wait to get into RE 2. Should have It by this Thursday.


I finished Leon this morning on Normal. Damn good.


Played the game again on Leon A on Assisted using Classic Costumes and Soundtrack. 4 and a half hours and 9 saves. FUCK I LOVE THIS FUCKING GAME!

I do have to say that Auto-Aim isn’t perfect. I lost more ammo on auto-aim than on Standard. Thankfully, I can turn auto-aim off.

I thought about platinum it, but looking deeper into the trophies and no.

If there is one MINOR thing I don’t like, and that is Claire’s weapons. The action army is a bullet hog, there’s not enough ammo to use her starting gun, and you’ll get A LOT of SMG ammo, which on my first Claire Playthrough I didn’t even get. I’m glad I preorded the game because I got Jill’s and Chris’ Samurai Edges. I’ll play Claire’s stuff when I get that Infinite Ammo SE.


Lol yeah basically inpossible to Platinum by the looks of 3 particular trophies. Whoever can do it I get have respect for.


The platinum does seem quite challenging but I’m going to take my sweet time with this game. Doesn’t mean I’ll get to do it but I’m not going to give up that easily.


I was looking at the list there’s one you have to Count your steps and take 14000 steps or fewer in one play through seems rough.