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Same here it shines a spotlight on a single or a few games instead of an info dump about everything.

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It’s almost like Nintendo saw all this coming years ago, lol.

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Switch too stronk

Well I’m a dork and watch all the press conferences so I absorb it all.

And yeah Nintendo is sooooo smart. What was the Wii U years, a brain fart?

I just hope Nintendo doesn’t do what they did last year. Smash Ultimate is a fine game and all, but this is suppose to be a Nintendo Direct; not a Smash Direct.

Yeah, I like the excitement of a yuuuuge multi-day event. That said, I can see the value of having more events throughout the year.

Nintendo should just drop the next fighter then shut up about Smash.

“The next fighter is____ and they’re available today” end of Smash

I agree unless its ALL Animal Crossing lol

Why do you wish to crush Andrew’s dreams? That would be his dream direct lol.

I’d take an all Animal Crossing direct if it meant sacrificing everything else. I love Animal Crossing but quit playing the 3DS one because I don’t do handhelds anymore. To play on Switch with a Pro Controller is a dream lol


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Answer your phone Larry! lol

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It’s like Ubisoft does NOT want me to watch their conference.

Hell, I’ll take a remaster of Blacklist at this point. If the shitty Assassin’s Creed III can get a remaster, then there is no reason why Blacklist can’t.

Damn. That sucks…

Crazy as Rocksteady lol What THE FUCK is Rocksteady working on?!! YEARS they are quiet. It is at this point aggravating but I know it is going to be glorious when finally revealed.

Gonna watch the Bethesda conference on my Switch.

…The in-TV app doesn’t play videos in 60fps, and the video just bugs out when I try to cast it from the phone.

I skimmed through the recording of the Bethesda conference. I thought the new Wolfenstein looked badass, and DOOM Eternal is awesome, but no Elder Scrolls VI. :frowning:

They said beforehand that Elder Scrolls VI and Starfield wasn’t going to be at E3 this year.

Yeah, and that sucks. Oh well.

March 3, 2020