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Probably a better question is what “video game character ISN’T a virgin?”

Damn near midnight and i am laughing uncontrollably. Nagoshi-san needs to chill with those April Fools jokes.

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This isn’t “news” so much as an interesting interview. I was shown this recently:


Apparently it’s a translation of an interview from an upcoming Famitsu with regards to the 25th anniversary of Final Fantasy VI. It’s no secret I adore this game, and while much of this interview isn’t particularly out of the norm, one section stood out: (Obvious spoilers if you somehow haven’t played this game.)

The world of ruin wasn’t originally going to be in the game at all. Originally, Kefka was to be defeated on the floating continent, and that would’ve been it.

Probably the best parts of the game were only there because they were comfortably ahead of schedule in development. I saw a comment noting that this re-frames modern complaints of “scope creep” just a bit. Still crazy to think about either way.

Yikes at that enemy design, haha.


Reminder that Cuphead (and his pal Mugman) is out now on the Switch.

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Persona 5: Royal. Much like FES and Golden, Royal is an expanded and updated version of Persona 5. It’s coming to Japan in October. I hope we don’t have to wait very long til it comes here.

I’m excited.

More info, thank God it adds a new semester or it would be worthless to me.

Switch owners were really delusional thinking that Atlus was about to give them some exclusive Persona 4 The Golden level game on their platform.

I wonder if this will get announced for Xbox One in the US since it’s Omega Force.

I didn’t see this coming…

I never played a Dynasty Warriors game before, so this is perfect for me.

Looks like a fun rental or discount purchase.

Why the fuck can’t it be Persona and not exclusively 5? I want some Junpei and Chie love!

@StealthMaster86 How the fuck be a gamer and never play a Warriors game? lol

Wasn’t going to use them unless they replicated Wii Edition’s control scheme exactly (or allowed you to), so I’ve been expecting to just use the Protroller, but yeah… Would have been a fun bit of nostalgia to pretend the Joycons were a Wiimote and it was 2007 again.

A new Death Stranding trailer is happening in the 29th with a possible release date.

There’s a massive rumor right now that The Last of Us Part 2 is getting a new trailer this week with a Fall 2019 release date.

Shenmue 3 was sadly delayed once again but luckily not too long.

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Exactly one week left for Animal Crossing info!

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You hope.

Are you FUCKING kidding me?!

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E3 is obsolete and disappointing and should end.

It is becoming that way. But I like the idea of a moment where all come together and blow out news. I think all the attention on one event spreads the word better but Idk. Nintendo seems to not care and do directs all year, with Sony following.

I would rather have more big events throughout the year. I think a lot of things get lost in the chaos of E3.

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