Random Video Game News


This is good news, hopefully they do a Pro model with less bezels and a better processor.


Good news if you DON’T already have one. I’m irate about it lol But I am mad like 80% of the time in life.


New Shantae game coming. It’s coming to Apple Arcade as well as every other platform this year.


Usually GameStop does good trade in deals so you might pay less than $100 to upgrade. I have a feeling it’s gonna be necessary for some of the game coming out later this year like Doom Eternal and Dragon Quest XI

You should try meditation :person_in_lotus_position:‍♂ and if that doesnt work isn’t pot legal in California now???

Edit I did a male meditation emoji and it changed it to female. :man_shrugging:t5:


I was kidding but do feel disgruntled a lot with stuff anymore.

The fact that it could be like the NEW 3DS where it is required to play certain games is what chaps my ass most lol I don’t have 4K yet so I am not worried about the PS4 Pro or One X but with Switch I actually might have to upgrade this time.


Yeah, same here.


Hmm wasn’t this just the Xenoblade port basically? I don’t remember other New 3DS exclusives.

It seems surprising to me we’re getting revisions so soon, but then again it roughly lines up with the timing of their handhelds in the past.

Give me a 3DS XL sized clamshell Switch with HDMI out and I’ll be a happy camper. (I play docked 95% of the time, and when I’m not I’d rather have the portability.)


Here is a list. There is more than even I thought.


Not so sure if it is real, but if it is, I’m definitely gonna get one and sell my old Switch. I mean, transferring the data from one Switch to another won’t be a problem, right?


Nintendo Switch Online Cloud Saves mean probably not. And system transfers have always been smooth on Nintendo systems if you own both at the same time.


this is why we shouldnt buy things day 1. then the THIRD version comes out




Legends of Heroes: Trails of Cold Steel is out on PS4. In May the sequel comes and in November the 3rd comes. The graphics look like they do because it is a HD port of a PS3/VITA game (the first and second).


We knew it was coming, but there’s gonna be a new Mario & Sonic Olympics game next year. Obviously exclusive to Switch and set in Tokyo.


Lol they give it settings but it is just stadiums and arenas right? Lol Kinda funny


Heh. Yeah, from what I’ve heard, they place the games in the entire city of the location they’re at for the Story mode, but the Olympics themselves just do the stadiums and arenas.


Ugh… Not really new news but still kills me.




Quantum Break wasn’t worth it lol I played it and enjoyed it but it was nowhere near Wake.