Random Video Game News


The “live action” Sonic movie no one wanted or asked for.


My inner child locked himself in his room and won’t come out after seeing that.

It’s gonna take ny best jaleel white voice impression to get him out again.


Sonic Underground killed any passion Jaleel had for voicing Sonic again. He had to voice THREE characters, and one of them was a girl



Everything on Xbox should be on steam/pc. theyre basically related


Well, it’s a start. Hopefully Rare Replay makes it to PC.


Nintendo Indie Showcase tomorrow


oh boy more Steam games for switch


Cuphead is coming to Nintendo Switch in April.

Gee. That was fast.

And the cutscenes are going to be fully animated now.


Since Microsoft has given their “Mario” to Nintendo its only fair that Nintendo put the next Mario game out on Switch,Xbox, and PC D=


I thought Halo was their Mario…


I’ll prob for sure get Cuphead on Switch.


Yeah but they kinda ran that into the ground. Cup head is a way more enjoyable game than any recent Halo.


Cuphead should have a 30fps mode. So people watching me will wonder if im playing a game or watching a 1930’s cartoon no one’s ever heard of before


Ayyyyy, probably gonna get this. Excited to play DM, 5D’s and Arc-V!

Kinda like in Star Trek movies, the even-“numbered” Yu-Gi-Oh series always feel weaker to me (GX, Zexal, and… well, I haven’t seen Vrains, but I don’t like Link Summoning…)


Control is coming August 27th. I love Remedy, so I’m excited for this.


That soon? Awesome! I hope it sells well. Remedy kinda has shitty luck with game sales aside from the Max Payne’s I think.


I hope it sales well too since it’s coming to PC and PS4 as well.



Vampire Masquerade Bloodlines 2 was announced. I always wanted to play the original but haven’t done it yet.