Random Video Game News


I’m watching this now.


“I want pokemon 8 to have cel shades graphics”




The game store that I used to go to years ago is getting new owners. The old owner wanted to pass it down to the new generation, so it got bought by a comic store chain that’s not too far from here, actually.

It’ll be interesting to see what happens from here on out.



Sonic Mania gets dangerous


Bungie has left Activision and will still keep Destiny.

Wow. Bungie is saved.


Wow, i didn’t see this coming. I have to read that to see if there is any mention of where they will go next. I mean, from the big 3 companies, Ubisoft ain’t no different than Activision lately and EA is just the group that everyone likes to hate.


I loved every second of this.


It’s going to be dope. MKX and Injustice 2 were FANTASTIC! I can’t believe how high Netherealm has flown. They are top tier imo.


I actually have MKX, but barely touched it. I need to get on it soon.

Also, I’m totally picking up MK11 and Samurai Shodown at the same time.


Both games are getting a physical bundle on the Switch. They’ll also be separate digitally on Switch and PS4.


i liked the old designs better. i kinda miss Potemkinaut and Kenshin HERmura


Hopefully one day we’ll get a Guilty Gear game with options for classic outfits, DLC or otherwise.


I used to play this one ALL the time lol


There’s a rumor going around that a new Nintendo Direct is coming up on the 13th.




The pokemon YouTube channel posted a visit kanto video two days ago, johto yesterday, and hoenn today.

Sinnoh- 23rd
Unova- 24th
Kalos- 25th
Pokemon Day-27th

Get hype.


gotta buzz, cuz


This use to be exclusive to Xperia devices and Android devices with hacked APKs. Now it’s open to everyone with an iPhone but it’s probably better with an iPad.


Wtf is that?