Random Video Game News


That’s one game on PS1 I remember playing the demo many times but never got the full game. Can’t wait to see the full game!


Same here man. 100%. LOVED the demo but never played the full game.



@sixsicksixes You were the person that came to mind first when this was rumored, and again with the announcement trailer. If memory serves, it’s because you livestreamed it for us. Looking forward to this remake!


Even if you don’t know much about it, enjoy the animation.


Two excellent acquisitions.


Sounds like Microsoft is getting ready for the next generation.


I have my fingers crossed for a re-focus on exclusive content. This is yet more evidence of that.


It looks like Just Cause 4 might not have the performance issues of Just Cause 3, despite the addition of physics-intensive weather systems.


Yeah but it’s Ubisoft, so it’s always best to wait until the game is released before you go spending money on it, lol.


Yeah, especially for a while there, we wondered whether we were gonna get a bait-and-switch, a broken mess, or both lol.


people still buy console games for their PC? how strange.


Monster Hunter World had a Developer Update Video and announced a few things. The biggest thing is that in early 2019, there will be a special collaboration where Geralt of Rivia is coming to Monster Hunter World. Then the next big news is a new expansion coming in Autumn 2019 called Iceborne.


Her channel is going to be huge. This is gold, Jerry! GOLD!


Calamitous. This is just irresponsible. Morally wrong. At least it runs at around 30fps!


Brace yourselves. Kingdom Hearts III just got leaked.





I’m not sure where else to put this but, yeah, this is why I throw him a couple bucks a month.


The Switch port of Guilty Gear XX Accent Core +R is delayed to 2019.

Also delayed to 2019: https://twitter.com/StrongBadActual/status/1078803198125723648?s=09




-b-b-b-b-but i want to play Guilt Gear NOOOW! i DONT WANT TO WAIT