Random Video Game News


Switch in handheld mode makes my hands ache after awhile. I really like the pro controller a lot.


I almost exclusively play in handheld mode


Me too. Your one comment mentioning the buttons being huge made me realize that is true lol I never really thought about it until then.




I’m in no rush to get those. It just sucks that the Collector’s Edition doesn’t come with the soundtrack like Japan’s All Star pack.


I’m waaaaay more excited for P3 out of them all. That game was a very formative element in my life. It blew me away in a way few games have in the past.


Persona 3 was the first JRPG that I actually liked.



LMFAO Check out the Twitter video in the link

Here it is hopefully


LOL I saw that. It’s like a Pornhub visit gone wrong.


MOAR random game news

my pc can emulate Wii and PS2 now. it could not do that before. now to see how far it goes


Some cool create a fighters.


Alan Wake Returns to Steam. Microsoft Marketplace might soon follow.


Excellent news!!!


I didn’t really like Alan Wake when I first played it. It certainly felt like a game that was made for controller, but it felt better aiming with the mouse, so the controls didn’t sit right with me.

Now that I have a Steam Controller though, I’m gonna give the game another shot.


It’s official

I hope the next two are Soul Calibur characters though. Guest characters are all the rage these days.


Yeah, that was great to hear about Alan Wake. It took a while but it got resolved. I had wondered if it ever would.


Ryan McAffrey reviews Diablo 3 on Switch.


Looks like they’re going N. Sane Trilogy with this. Looks great.