Random Video Game News


I should stream it in October.


Here’s to another month of saving money :beers:


I don’t believe the rumor, but there’s suppose to be another Guilty Gear in the works, and… well, it’s going to have Nakoruru in it as a guest character.

And that also SNK is going to answer that by putting Baiken in the new Samurai Shodown.

Again, I think it’s fake, but I would totally want that to happen.


we should just have ONE game that has ALL the fighting characters in it


I shoulda posted the video someone made of the video game gameplay to Alice Cooper but I just love the live version.


That’s fucked up lol


Gotta give people a little taste like some drug dealer. I love Soulcalibur but won’t be playing this one.


Then you won’t be playing any because Namco Bandai says if it doesn’t sell they are prob done with the franchise sadly.

I’ll prob skip the beta cause I don’t really play fighters online because I don’t enjoy being spammed to death lol



I’ve just been informed that the servers for Warhawk will be shutting down in 3 weeks. Same with Twisted Metal and Playstation All-Stars Battle Royale or whatever it is called.

Warhawk is the important one, since it is an online-only game. I think there is some LAN hack, but that’s it. Warhawk was the first game I got on the PS3, the one I spent the most time with and the one I had the most fun with.



It’s about time.


I’m going to make a compilation video of each horse’s balls shrinking.


as expected, were getting a new Switch next year.


Hopefully the new model has a better processor that lets you run games in portable mode at the same resolution/frame rate as docked mode.


It is kind of fucked up to me to release this after Smash Bros. because obviously tons of the “inferior launch model” are going to sell specifically for Smash. Probably using Smash to clear the shelves for the new shit though.


I’m pretty sure they’re just releasing a more child friendly version of the switch in preparation for pokemon 8. Something with more battery life, durability and portability. There is precedence for this. The 2DS launch right before x and y, the DSlite launched right before diamond and pearl, and the GBASP launched around the same time Ruby and sapphire came out.


I haven’t played mine at all yet in handheld mode lol


I don’t even use the Joy Cons with both hands or on the Switch itself. Way too uncomfortable for me. I just use my SNES30 Pro in docked and tabletop mode.


I only use the pro controller so far but my game library isn’t very big at the time on Switch.