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Happy Birthday!!


Happy Birthday.

I think I got the same deal for mine, but I ended up not using it because the choices they gave me were lame.


you mean the ones on wii u? there’s literally nothing on that. the 3ds has a much better selection.

does the Switch have the same shovelware too?


I didn’t get any deals for Switch games, and I don’t have a 3DS, so…


Happy birthday @knuclear200x !


:beers: tanks


They finally released the original arcade Donkey Kong on the Switch eShop.

Before, the only way to play this version legally was to get Donkey Kong 64 and get to the part where you can play it. Now we don’t have to do that!


They also released the uber-rare Sky Skippers, which only ever had 12 cabinets in the US, and only 1 of which has survived to today (it’s at NoA’s HQ.)

Miyamoto confirmed that he himself drew the cabinet art.



It’s always a code that is always fucking up something in Westworld. Even the original had a Virus that made the robots go homicidal.


15 years before the first computer virus, no less.




You know, now that I think about it. There was no Punch-Out game ever revealed at any E3, but then a Punch-Out game showed up on the Wii kinda out of nowhere.

We might get a surprise from them later this year, but then again, better to not expect anything. :\


Onimusha remake coming…

Guess we won’t be getting Genma Onimusha as a BC title on the XB1 any time soon.


i just realized i never played any of the onimusha games for some reason. id buy/rent whatever i could when i first got my ps2


Not entirely unexpected, though it was the first million-game seller on the system. The first is a fun Resident Evil-style hack-n-slash set in feudal Japan. Rather short. You can beat it in one or two sittings on the first try.

The second one added a bunch of RPG elements, numerous item fetching and collecting. Kind of took me out of the experience, honesty. I started the third, but never finished as I wanted to finish the second first.

Xbox got Genma Onimusha, which added the ability to absorb soul powers from your enemies. Looks like the Genma elements aren’t going to be be included in this.


So when are we gonna get that Onimusha Blade Warriors sequel?




I hope this comes to US. Never payed it.

Edit: Just saw Mallys edit. My bad.


It hilarious that game was announced for PS3 but never shipped because Unreal Engine 3 was busted to shit now it’s coming back as a PS4 exclusive.