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Holy crap… what a loss they’re taking.

Edit: Browsing around and found news as to why Battlefront didn’t have a Single Player Campaign and didn’t want to make another post.

Basically the reason is money.

idigitaltimes.com/star-wars- … ase-534885

I’m just glad they reduced the price of the game to reflect the lesser amount of content. I’ve grown to really respect and admire the work that EA does and their business practices as a whole.


Kojima’s new logo finally has a full body and I think it is pretty cool.



deadspin.com/the-lightning-proje … 1777543678


Flash sale on PSN. Bunch of games for $5 or less.


Yeah, I’m probably going to pickup Wolf Among Us, The Banner Saga and maybe Flower even.



Yeah, I’m probably going to pickup Wolf Among Us, The Banner Saga and maybe Flower even.[/quote]

Banner Saga is incredible.

This is what’s on sale in case ya’ll were wondering blog.us.playstation.com/2016/05/ … under-5-2/





I ended up seeing a spoiler for Guilty Gear Xrd -REVELATOR-'s Story Mode.

It’s Baiken.


Once, I would have made a new thread for this. But I don’t particularly care that much at this point, so…

superherohype.com/news/37526 … an-cartoon


polygon.com/2016/5/25/117742 … wo-scorpio

This is exciting for two reasons, first off MS does a much better job with software and given they were able to get 360 games to run on XB1 I’m more confident XB1 games will easily get Scorpio upgrades and lastly Oculus support is a HUGE plus because the screens in the Rift have a higher resolution than Playstation VR.

Microsoft may end up with the most powerful console and best VR solution in the end.

What a crazy generation!


Maybe it’s just me and I’m getting old and senile and whatnot… but I remember when you bought a console, and the shit just worked. You didn’t need to worry about upgrading the SAME CONSOLE to a different SAME CONSOLE every couple years.


Right. I don’t want to buy a new console. Might as well get a PC and keep putting money into it. Prob would cost less in the end. I have no clue how to build one though lol


youtube.com/channel/UCU7IJQ … techReboot

Someone rebooted Cinematech and it’s perfect.


Shit still works. This just gives people who want their games to run/look better the option. These consoles are the equivalent to the guy who chooses to get the “sport” version of the Toyota Camry with a V6 engine, spoiler,moonroof, and flappy paddle gear shifts.

It’s still a Camry but he gets to feel special about reaching the speed limit 2 seconds faster than a regular Camry.

No he doesn’t have a small penis.


No Man’s Sky DELAYED


Consoles coming out every X amount of years hasn’t boosted the market much I don’t think.

They’re trying something new, it’s likely to fail but they’re mixing it up I guess.

I want this game, but it’s dieing before my eyes.


Double Whammy


If anything, we all know who Sean and Hellogames are now.

And maybe that was the point.


Metal Gear Solid 3 remake…for pachinko.

gamespot.com/articles/remast … 0-6440405/


[quote=“Tactless_Ninja”]Metal Gear Solid 3 remake…for pachinko.

gamespot.com/articles/remast … 0-6440405/[/quote]

What fans have been crying for.

or rather about.