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all my meh.

He’s a fighter, from iirc a poor background who has tons of fame and money. What else is he gonna do?

Why do we care? idk.


Roid rage?


Nah, he is just Irish lol


I’d pay to see it.


I wouldn’t. Bad effects.



Really? I Shining reference.

I don’t get it. :stuck_out_tongue:


This is hilarious. I love Dr. Christopher Ryan, been listening to his podcast a lot lately.


@NorthStarKen I hope Khabib takes him apart.




Amazing breakdown of video game ads. I fucking loved that Dantes Inferno ad. I’m so confused by that GBA ad though.


I still get chills during that Halo 3 Believe ad.


The old guy saying “He gave us hope” gets me every time.





There are no bugs these are features. Features to help you maximize productivity by freeing up time you would normally watch a channel you subscribed to by hiding it so you think they don’t post anymore allowing you to work more. LOL

But yeah that’s old news that’s why creators went from “Like, Comment and Subscribe” to “Like, Comment, Subscribe and don’t forget to click the Bell”


Lol right. I have been considering starting a channel but it seems like there is no point unless it is a hobby to pass time. The odds are stacked against everyone. The house always wins.


I’d take any criticism of YT coming from a YouTuber with a grain of salt. It’s gotten to the point where they’ve been whining so much over the years that I don’t even care what the big new drama is (because it’s always bigger than the previous one.)