Pokémon Direct 2/27/19


gamefreak lives on hype, but not innovation. Now we get console-quality graphics, but it’s essentially last-console-gen quality


Why didnt they show the mascot legendaries, and are the wolf emblems supposed to represent them? The mascots tend to be revealed before starters and they are designed to be very distinct from each other. What are you hiding gamefreak?

Also find it promising that they already revealed the region. We dont usually get that til like May. I’m hoping that’s a sign that there is a lot more to reveal.


I really want to know what food item or object is alive this time. Not that I ever like them they’re just alright but it’s odd in an interesting kinda way.


I’m probably going Scorbunny first.

Collection of Rumors

So excited to see their new abilies, moves, types, ect.

Here’s how the starters have worked out so far.

Gamexplain Analysis
Region Analysis


posting these for prosperity…


Supposedly from the chinese riddler. He seems to suggest the starters are based on lore. Guess what I found that at least two of the supposed evos could have orgins in Somerset.


Kind of hard to tell what typings he’s suggesting but for sobble and scorbunny its pretty easy.


There really needs to be more Pokémon than that. Or an assload of regional forms and megas or something if this is true. I would be legitimately angry.

The meta game already feels limited when it come to choice not to mention the waiting and the jump to a hybrid console with what seems like a lazy visual job that hasn’t set itself apart from the last 2 gens all that much.


I’m certainly hoping for regional forms already.

BTW got it from here

The types of the rumored dex leak

I think I found what the starters are based on.

Grookey Grass/Steel based on Wukong

Scorbunny Fire/Fairy based on a moon fairy Chang’e? look at that it even mentions a rabbit.

Sobble Water/Dragon Based on an Eastern Dragon Dragon King

They are all from Journey to the West.


Chinese theme for the British region? strange. also looking back, i dont think ive ever enjoyed using a grass starter.


Alot of Japanese folklore uses the same reference. Kind of how American stuff can have British things. Speaking of which they can all be found in Dragon Ball lol.

Also gen 5 the American region has other countries as references. Serperior (France), Emboar (China), Samurott (Japan)


America is a melting pot or that’s what people want you to think so having multiple cultures as gen 5 starters works in that way I guess.


Well my point was that it wasn’t impossible to have other countries as references within a region.



Assuming this is why diamond a pearl remakes haven’t happened yet.


I don’t know what I’m looking at here?