Pokémon Direct 2/27/19


Yahoo. 7 minutes long.


What a great birthday present for me!! :smile:


Seemingly gen 8 the announcement has 3 pokeballs.


It’s also the 23rd anniversary of Red and Green’s release. :smiley:

My Pokeball Plus and Pokemon Bank are ready to get some actual use from a Pokemon Switch game.

PS- The game better support the Pro Controller!







If there isn’t anything 8th gen related it’s going to be a major let down.


I’d be happy with Sinnoh remakes. :slight_smile:


I’d be happy with that but I really want new Pokémon also.


It’s the magical day we get to see possible gen 8 information :star_struck:


Happy birthday to me, bitches!

I got emotional during that. WOOOW. I don’t know why, that is exactly what it was going to be. A improved graphics DS mainline Pokemon game.


I’m hyped for what I just saw! Though it looks a lot like gen 6 & 7 graphics wise. The Fire and Grass starters look great but not feeling the Water one hope it grows up to be more interesting. The regional map looks about what you would expect size wise.


I like Scorbunny, it looks like he’s got a bandage on his head. I like the name Grookey but not so much his looks, I’m sure the evolved form will be better.


All the rumors about it being UK related were right.

I just hope Scorbunny isn’t another Fire/Fighting type with that bandage on it’s face.


Speaking of rumor https://www.resetera.com/threads/pokémon-sword-and-shield-announced-coming-late-2019.102259/page-21#post-18351345


Fucking dead :skull: :skull::skull:

There better be a Burberry knock off print




Are the Japanese titles Pocket Monsters SEME and Pocket Monsters UKE?


Can we just give it a rest with alternative evolutions of old Pokemon?

Unless they actually add a “proper” evolution in the line, Gen 4 style (the only proper way to do it.)


I don’t want Armor Evolutions that just makes Pokémon Digimon might as well do DNA Evolution at that point.


They look like smartphone game starters…which might be appropriate considering.

bunny will be my first play starter though


If we are returning to the gym format using Scorbunny might be the easy difficulty. Because we see what looks like a Grass Gym front depending it’s location. But I wouldn’t think Gamefreak would show too much late game stuff this soon.

Side note:

People are flipping out that it looks like a straight line from top to bottom and isn’t as open world as everyone wanted.

Gamefreak doesn’t do open world games they have paths set for their stories that’s why we can’t control the camera either.

I believe the train is going to be used like gates in Alola where you have to beat a leader or whatever to get a train pass for the next place. Why else have train tracks all over the place?