Peter, all the times we've talked of honesty, fairness, justice...

“…out of those times I counted on you to have the courage to take those dreams out into the world.”

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* “Herp derp you’re nine?” :rolleyes:

BB > SM2 > TDK > X2 > everything else

Hmm this should not have been bumped lmao. Edit- It was bumped before I posted this post, for the record.

Spider-Man 2 is still my favorite comic book film.

What sets it apart is that its not a film about people in costumes punching other people in costumes, it’s about the choices we make and how those choices effect people… how even at your lowest point, you still have the choice to make sacrifices for a greater good.

BTW… the guy who wrote Spider-Man 2 was about 2 years shy of 80 when he wrote it.

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BTW… X-Men Days of Future Past wasn’t out when your original message was posted. I, too, considered X2 to be the best X-Men film going in, but I have seceded that to the latter film now.

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I used to go back and forth on whether I liked Batman Begins or Spider-Man 2 more, I used to give the edge to Bats because I’m a DC fan in general and a Batman fan to boot, and that movie did so many things right… but I have a Spider-Man 2 poster in my room, not a Batman Begins one. And it’s because the themes of SM2 still push me forward all these years later. So these days, Spidey 2 gets my nod.

As for X2 vs. DOFP… I think I agree. I’d have to rewatch both of them again to really say for sure though.

Also is that theatrical or Rogue Cut? :stuck_out_tongue:

Theatrical cut. They managed to take all the good stuff from X-Men, X2 and First Class and expand on it, while also negating the Last Stand out of existence.

While I do like the Rogue Cut, the idea that they would show up to the Mansion at the exact moment scientists are going to experiment on Rogue, months-to-years after her capture, kind of suspends the sense of reality. And I do sense that the momentum of the future stuff does come to a stop as soon as they go back to try and get her.

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Hmm I got the sense it was just the latest round, and she’d been through some shit until then… but then again she’s fully decked out in her costume I think? Weird.

I don’t think the Rogue Cut adds much and readily recommend the theatrical cut over it to people who haven’t seen either, but… I really really love every extra scene they added, and I was surprised how well the editing handled it (which I guess makes sense, since that’s how the movie was originally scripted.)

There was one shot when Magneto lifts the stadium and the camera swings around everything falling for a long time. One of the editors asked Bryan Singer if he wanted to put it back into the movie. He was like “Why was it ever taken out?!?!?!” Apparently, it was finished but never provided to them to insert into the film. That was a good shot.

I do like the scene with Iceman and Magneto in the mansion, but outside of that, I’d take every other scene from the theatrical cut against it.

I’ll have to reexamine Rogue Cut more closely, I assumed the editing was pretty light based on my first watch.

OK next question… Spider-Man 2, or Spider-Man 2.1?

If I remember correctly, there are one or two longer shots during the opening attack scene and then nothing for like an hour and 10 minutes or so until Mystique shows up at the mansion and encounters Hank. Then all the wonky alternate stuff happens.

One of the most interesting shots it Magneto going into the sanctuary after the Sentinels go after him. In one version, Blink throws a portal that he steps back into and in the other one, Kitty pulls him through the door. But I’ll be damned if the shot of Magneto isn’t the exact same thing.

You know, I don’t remember much from the Spider-Man 2.1 cut except I think JJ dresses up like Spider-Man for a moment. Am I crazy? So I’ll go with the original cut.

I have to watch Spider-Man 3 and the Alternate cut again to figure out which is better.