Official Game of Thrones Thread (SPOILERS)

This thread is for the series as a whole and feel free to discuss books.

Well we are in week 2 of the final season. Feels like it should be more of an event than it is here.

Is anyone still watching and what are your thoughts?

I’ve been talking about it a lot on twitter which I guess means I have a finite amount of hype if I use it on one site I forgot to post elsewhere. lol

Anyways my guesses of who lives and dies.


Jon, Tyrion, Sansa, Arya, Jaime, Brienne, Samwell, Davos, Jorah, Yara,


Daenerys, Cersei, Theon, The Mountain (again), Varys, Melisandre, Euron, Bronn, Tormund, Gendry, Grey Worm, Beric, Podrick, Lyanna, Qyburn, Eddison


The Hound, Bran, Missandei, Gilly

I’m not terribly interested in the show anymore. More waiting to see if GRRM will ever release Winds of Winter. If we get a release date for it, I’ll do a re-read of the series before it comes out.

I don’t see him finishing the series. He not only has ‘The Winds of Winter’ to finish but also ‘A Dream of Spring’. The show will likely be the only ending we get.

The show is crap. Everyone at work for the most part gushes over all the non happenings that have happened.

It can’t end soon enough.

I still talk about what was, like Joffery being a really good villain and missing the days of really hating someone you’re meant to hate.

They say to me. Why? he was terrible.

They rather have fan service than narrative.

I was expecting the story to move faster since they only have a few episodes to wrap things up. So far the first two episodes have felt like covering old ground, Brann even said it “ We don’t have time for this”

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Next episode is the big battle at Winterfell so that will be a point of no return and eliminates some of the more “Why are you still here” characters like Tormund who is only around for comedic relief.

Gendry: “I never kept count”

Arya: “A girl needs a name”

Gendry: “Why?”

Arya: “So I can kill and wear those bitches faces”

I felt very uncomfortable watching those two. She might be 21 but I still see her as 10.

What did y’all think of the song??

It fits in with F+M but it didn’t feel as powerful as her work in FFXV.

I think it’s because we pretty much watched Arya grow up on tv which made it weird.

I liked the song but agree it’s not her best.

Idk why they did an Arya sex scene. Who was really wanting this?

Character arc is a girl that’s innocent grows up to be a killer, and forces a guy to have sex.

Not exactly riveting and doesn’t help that she’s grown up over the years but looks almost exactly the same. It’s just unnecessary and largely uninteresting. Just like Sansa’s rape scene.

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I agree they messed around a lot for the season being so short.

The production values continue to be amazing though, great costumes and the world feels lived in. I love that most about it, feels cozy to watch regardless of the content happening at any given time.

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Need your impressions of the Battle of Winterfell lol

It was the mother of all letdowns. What a pathetic ending to something they’ve been building towards since literally the prologue of the first episode.

Story wise very predictable. I get why people were/are mad and they really should blame George R. R. Martin for not finishing his damn books leaving HBO to end it themselves.

But it was nicely shot and I enjoyed it for what it was. It’s always been a show about politics and the magic side takes more of a backseat in the show compared to the books.

We were told from the beginning of the season by the show runners that it’s a shorter season but would have the feeling of two seasons…this seems like a rushed Night King arc next is the Cersei arc. A possible abridged Winds of Winter, Cersei’s arc will likely be an abridged Dream of Spring both based off the bullet points given to HBO by Martin.

The night was indeed DARK and full of terrors lol

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Melisandre was shitting herself trying to fire up the trench. The lord of light was like “wait a second bitch I just gave all the Dothraki fire swords damn!”

Speaking of Dothraki their flames went out like it was the Night King’s Birthday and he made a wish blew their candles out quick :wind_face::birthday:

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They say Ghost lives.

CGI budget is his greatest foe. Dragon fight or puppy that’s just there for no reason. Why do people care so much for Ghost he doesn’t do anything.

Cause animals are better than people, but that’s just my personal bias :laughing: