No Man's Sky ✪ Captain's Log


Everything I’m hearing about this new update sounds like what they wanted to do all along before the flood.


I actually got back into it as well. It is much better but I didn’t start anew so I am confused as hell on some things. But still having a fun time.


I’d like to know Giggler’s thoughts on the game now given all the new substantial changes.

I think the game keeps getting better and better and i found myself playing the NEXT update for months even without new trophies.


Gigs disappeared for years sadly lol


Like me, huh? Oh well. Even with all the new changes to this forum i have kind of fallen out of talking about games. Don’t get me wrong i still love’em is just i find myself playing them more and just reading game news.

As for NMS i stopped caring about people’s dislike towards it (deserved though) a long time ago and i now look back and feel bad i tried too hard to make Giggler see something that wasn’t there. So, i apologize for that.

The game is still pretty much what you make of it despite all the new changes so i doubt it has changed his mind much.


I recently tried to get back into it. I did for a tiny bit. It was so daunting to get back into. Things have changed too lol


Did you start a new game? Cause it helps to start from scratch as the game teaches you all the new things at the pace you’re supposed to learn them.

Loading a save file from 1-2 years prior and trying to catch up is going to feel overwhelming.


Yeah I loaded my previous save.


Even more new updates coming and online features.


I wanna play this game. I tried it a couple weeks ago. The only thing i didn’t like was the drones thay patrol various worlds nit being defeatable or at least made manageable .

I’m interested in seeing what they do here.


They leave you alone on some planets. I’ve flown to and left other planets because they were unreasonably hostile lol One was an insanely beautiful blue planet I sadly left.


Yeah. I just want to enjoy mining and building freely without stopping constantly.

It’s a speed bump for already slow relaxing game play.


Ken, would you be willing to let me retitle the thread to the following?

No Man’s Sky ✪ Captain’s Log


Yup. I forgot I even started this thread LOL