No Man's Sky ✪ Captain's Log


The new update seemed to make you easier scan birds or flying creatures.


I also noticed places you’ve discovered stay more easily highlighted in your area. Before you would find a shelter and if you walked a considerable amount away from it you couldn’t see it again.


Been dealing with some nasty ass sentinels. You can’t take a shit without setting off an alarm. Granted, there’s no animals to collect and the weather is fine for the most part. Plus, as long as i’m on the move everything is okay. They’re really not that difficult to engage if it’s 1 or 2 but more than that and i risk getting killed.




[quote=“Taizuke”]Enjoying your discoveries Sonic. Keep them coming.

Anyway, this is what my starting planet (Yacarvigak Egen) looks like:

My ship:

Funny story about this ship. I saved up (1,577,000 units) to get it from a trader only to see the same model crashed right afterwards… Granted it had 23 slots instead of 24 but it was FREE! lol

Thought this creature looked really cool in the current planet i’m at:


Thank you! Pretty planet. That and the creature look relatively normal lol. I love the mountain in the background. That is a cool ship, and I love it because I’ve never seen anything like it!


So it’s been awhile but I’ve learned a lot. I’ve found other alien races, including mechanical beings and a warrior race. There’s always one of those. I built a new warp drive since my last transmission and it has allowed me to explore previously unreachable systems. I’ve found a moon with extreme heat and hostile sentinels, so of course I called it Florida. It also has as you can see, floating islands! I’ve found a crashed ship that I almost took, and gold in a strange green rock form.

But seeing that crashed ship let me know I am ready to get a new one. I found a few good contenders, including in the next system I went to which only had one planet. This planet had torrential rain and abundant plant life, but there was a peculiar lack of any fauna. I fact, the only other beings in the system were the mechanical race. Therefore, I named the planet Exanimis, which is Latin for lifeless.

I decided to leave because the mystery behind the lack of life would have consumed me. I decided I needed more planets to explore so I jumped to a system that had 5. Luckily the warrior race was here so I did not feel as out of place. But I have to keep their culture in mind when communicating with them.

As I was in their space station, I looked out the window and saw a ship fly by a planet, a planet I knew I could get to without any interruptions, which never fails to excite me. The planet I landed on turned out to have such a low atmosphere that it had high radiation levels. The gas coming out of the ground probably isn’t helping. My next quest is to find a new ship, either by buying one, or following this distress beacon I just picked up.

Wish me luck,

Sara Starwind.



All these DAMN years later, FINALLY the legend is coming to Xbox One along with a new update tjat everyone gets.

Honestly I wouldn’t mind reinstalling the game and seeing all of the updates. I haven’t placed since the freighter update I don’t think.


This came out two years ago?

Where the fuck does time go? :thinking:


:joy: that’s what I was thinking at first.

It feels right though if I think deeply about it, maybe even feels like longer ago.


Im really happy that Hello Games keeps working on this game, the core concept is still very solid it just needed more time in the oven.

I still need to “beat” it but I spend so much time exploring I rarely touch the main path.


Lol this is me with Breath of the Wild. :grimacing:


Same here. With both lol At least it has somewhat of a story.

Sea of Thieves is fun but you aren’t working toward anything but being a pirate legend which you get by turning in chests, skulls and boxes of supplies for merchants.

I mention Sea of Thieves because it is similar but doesn’t seem to be taking as much heat. Only heat it took was server issues.


I think fewer people were looking forward to Sea of Thieves tbh. It wasn’t hyped nearly as much by its devs either.

I did find this funny though:


That’s true. No Man’s Sky was a hype machine. Thieves also had a few betas. I played them and knew what it was before I bought it. My cousin and I enjoy playing as we talk in a party though.


I’ve been trying to get back into this game to finish up a few trophies and it’s been a bit difficult. The game looks and runs better with all the updates (playing on Pro) but I find myself just playing a few matches of Uncharted Survival instead.

Granted, I think it has to do more with me choosing something quick and easy rather than saying No Man’s Sky is boring. I did enjoy it back when I played it but relearning everything as well as tons of new stuff seems daunting so I just stick to what’s safe.

I keep telling myself to play it but Uncharted Survival has been quite addicting.


Yeah toward the end when I was playing it a lot I would just put on a podcast or music when I played, wasn’t as boring.

I haven’t played since the updates so I sorta want to see it now.


I did hop back in and was a bit overwhelmed. Basically I went out into space and instantly got attacked to the point where I nearly died and was almost out of resources.

I don’t remember the game being that difficult. If permadeath mode is anything like that but worse it aint gonna be easy.


The NEXT Chapter

Really looking forward to getting back into this!

Details on the update

I’m most looking forward to playing in 3rd person and the visual upgrades. Might do some multiplayer with randoms, I’ve only got played online games twice since I got my PS4 lol


Looks awesome. Makes me want to re-install this TODAY lol


So I was off work on Friday and it gave me some time to really dig into this game and man it’s great. I ended up starting a brand new save and I’m glad I did because they do a way better job with the onboarding and explaining how to build a simple base.

I was worried about performance dips because of the new planetary generation but I’m still getting a solid 30fps when locking the frame rate. Warping to new systems is busted though, I just get a black screen while loading. Anyways I’m glad I jumped back in I’m still not sure how to recommend this game to other people, it’s just one of those games you really have to custom tailor to your own.

Also I friggin LOVE 3rd person mode!!! It makes me feel much more connected to the world, I went with a Blue and Pink suit and I’m loving it.