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SoNicole, it doesn’t even feel likeep you’re apart of us anymore. What is YOUR life???



Ahhhh omg. I thought it was from a movie or something! Shame on you, Giggler!

… A lot more bloody than I imagined… :uhh[/quote]

Makes you think if those Tarantino movies are really over the top or not. :suicide


Everybody Wants a REFUND. And getting it. From Sony, Steam AND Amazon lol Regardless of their policy the game is so bad.

Sean’s career is basically complete. DUST. -End Captain’s Log


While the media did hype it a bit Sean Murray kept affirming it.



While the media did hype it a bit Sean Murray kept affirming it.[/quote]


Saw this post on Neogaf regarding NMS, Pokemon Go, and Destiny:

[quote=“Neogaf”]People feel threatened by what they don’t understand.

When Pokemon Go exploded you had a lot of people who were all confused, didn’t understand why it was popular and threw as much shade onto it as they could. Maybe not here, but everywhere else.

Why do people do this? Because people don’t like feeling left out. It makes them uncomfortable. Seeing a lot of people enjoy something you don’t understand makes you feel like you are missing something. Human beings are social creatures after all.

In the absence of understanding, what do these left-out human beings do? They try to tear down the thing that makes them feel like an outsider.

What does that have to do with No Man’s Sky and Destiny?

Both were heavily anticipated, hyped by their communities, and failed to meet expectations. Both arrived in a bare-bones state containing many flaws. I was there at the beginning for both launches (I didn’t buy Destiny, but I did play it at a friend’s and participated in discussions at the time). Both times I saw a bunch of posts about gamers who felt “vindicated” by not “buying into the hype”. Like it would really be difficult to avoid a game you have no interest in.

The point is that games which are more popular are subject to the “left out” effect. Meaning those people who don’t understand the game want to magnify its flaws, announce them from the rooftops, finger point and ridicule, all in an effort not to feel like an outsider. “See? See? That thing I don’t understand and therefore don’t like that is popular is shit after all! Hahahaha!”

Because the outsiders go to such hyperbolic ends to bring the game down, the people who actually enjoy the game for what it is have to go to equally hyperbolic ends in order to prop it up and justify their enjoyment of the game.

Do we honestly have to go through this shit every time a popular game launches to disappointment? Is it so bad that we let people feel excited by something that we have to tear them down because we feel disappointment ourselves (or in some cases just drive-by shit-posting for “fun”).

How do we fix this problem, knowing we have no control over how others conduct themselves (developers not delivering or gamers getting excited). We only have control over our own conduct (how we talk about it). We have no control over whether a developer delivers. We should have no control over people’s excitement of a game or purchasing habits. And yet, every time we think that we do. We tell developers how to make their games (perfect every time), how gamers should buy their games (never preorder), and how gamers should get excited about their games (some, but not too much).

Just let people be and enjoy the games they enjoy. If you don’t like it or don’t understand it (and in many cases people don’t like what they don’t understand), don’t post about it in a negative way.

I will be the first to ridicule myself for such behavior. The younger and dumber me did do this on many occasions, but I realized how toxic and annoying it can be to a community.[/quote]




I see what you did there…


There is no experience more harrowing than taking a crashed ship then having no resources to repair it!


IT FINALLY CAME!!! I am so happy I could scream, and I have. Display box for scale. I thought everything would just be in a cardboard box, but actually the cardboard box contained a container that is just like a book, which I love! I love the theme and of course, the steelbook, which is the main reason I got this edition. Now to board the Outlaw Star!

This is an adventure.


Hello Earth! I woke up on a planet I called Venus because it has acid rain. It was a tough way to start, but luckily I survived. I quickly summoned the wrath of the sentinels, even though I didn’t mean to, I’m not sure why it happened. Despite that, I managed to fix everything relativity quickly. I would have loved to explore more, but I didn’t want to stay to long and succumb to the acid. So I fixed up my ship, got in, counted down, and blasted off! And that is when I saw how truly amazing all of this is!

The scale is wonderful! I called my home system Mobius, which is a Sonic reference, but it’s also just a nice name. I also named one of the planets because of its red grass…

I love having to learn the alien language and I’m luckily friendly with them, no lost in translation yet. With their help I got to my second system and I can make all the components to refuel my warp drive! I named my second system something I wanted to name my ship, with a planet to match.

I am taking a rest on this planet and will report more after further exploration.

This is Sara Starwind, over and out.

Gallery of Pics:

My current Wallpaper

I found it.


Reading your recount was more fun than playing this game.


@Sonic Holy shit that’s awesome!

There’s definitely something to be said about the experience of No Man’s Sky. Maybe some moment to moment situations can seem dull but when you combine all of it, the journey becomes special.


Thank you both. See Giggler, to me that is the point of this game, to make your own fun. And you’re in luck, part two is already here.

There is something going on. I’ve found this abandoned base with the door bashed in and a weird green growth unlike anything else on the planet. Luckily I didn’t have to touch it to activate the terminal which gave me coordinates to an old ruin. I landed my ship kind of precariously but the ruin was sort of out of the way. It was weird to see that the aliens haven’t changed much from what I could gather.

I then left for the next system, which I discovered and for whatever reason, I decided to call it Bowie. It turns out 3 of the 4 planets here have toxic rain! I did not expect that, and had my first encounter with extreme weather. Luckily a small shelter holding a space suit upgrade was nearby so I waited it out. And I have to say, in that moment, looking out onto this world in that little pod, I really felt like an explorer. I absolutely loved it.

Then, after leaving that planet, I received a strange message to go to the last planet. It was a barren wasteland, which after the 3 toxic ones, was a nice relief. But on this planet was this huge structure! It said it was connected to Atlas, and gave me new coordinates. Afterwards, I just sat, loving the view; and the sunset was beautiful. But when I left the planet, I was attacked by pirates! Luckily, I was ready! I had practiced and it paid off. It was incredibly awesome and I felt like a true outlaw! I landed at the space station, triumphant and ready to explore after I made some repairs.

Image Gallery:

Also, playing battle music you love from your favorite space show makes all the difference in a fight! I felt like I was in the Outlaw Star! It was fucking awesome!


My starting planet was lush green during the day and a mosaic of orange, purple, and red colors during the night. No water whatsoever but full of christmas-like trees everywhere. There were also 9 different species of animals to see ranging from small crab-like creatures to big green triceratop-looking animals with bird beaks and no horns. All of this complemented by a freezing weather.

So after fixing my ship and upgrading a few things here and there i set off into space. From there i visited other planets and eventually traveled to another system only to realise my first planet was rich in gold material so don’t ask me how i made it back but that’s where i am right now. I want to get plenty of credits before i go back into space again.

I wanted to name my first planet Emerald Moss but didn’t realise one of the very first few things i did was upload the planet discovery data and once you do that you can’t change the name.


What color were the leaves on the Christmas looking trees? Lol


Green. Why?


My starting one had them but they were red.


Someone or something was here long ago. I left the Bowie system after staying on planet Ziggy, the only non toxic world. But before I left, I found more monoliths which taught me about the past. When was charting my course to the next system, I looked back to see if I could still locate where I began this journey. I would love to note its exact coordinates, but my system lacks that ability. I just have to accept that I will leave this area soon.

But luckily the system I arrived at stirred something in me. As you can see, either the star or the gas around it is green, leading me to call the area Emerald. My starting planet here is absolutely beautiful. I named it after my mother, Shelley. I know many people do this, and I am no different. This is one of the first worlds to truly feel unique and alien to me. Luckily there was a little base with a landing pad, and that’s where I found it.

My starting ship was not bad, but I was starting to look for something more. Not so much in terms of space, but in terms of design. Then this ship landed, with four back engines and one big one. It’s also green, at least a little of it is. Plus it does have the additional room, which doesn’t hurt. To top it off, I like the design. So I sold a few things I was holding back on, used most of my credits, and made it mine. I was also happy that I could leave my ship where I did, so future explores and adventures could use it. Goodbye little ship, you served me well.

With my new ship in hand, empty pockets and empty wallet, I decided to do something different. I went off on foot to find all the secrets I could. And I’m glad I did, because not only did I get to see a beautiful sunrise and sunset, I also found the biggest creatures I’ve seen yet. I’m pleasantly surprised they were not aggressive and allowed me to get close. I will also send a video so all of you can hear their cries.

Satisfied with my discoveries, I set of to the next planet. I decided to go to the one seemingly by itself. I was going to name it after my dad, but after seeing the color I decided to name it after myself. I know that seems conceded, but as you can guess, every planet in this system will be named after my family. I settle in for the night, looking up at the purple sky and wonder what tomorrow will bring.

Sara Starwind, signing off.

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Enjoying your discoveries Sonic. Keep them coming.

Anyway, this is what my starting planet (Yacarvigak Egen) looks like:

My ship:

Funny story about this ship. I saved up (1,577,000 units) to get it from a trader only to see the same model crashed right afterwards… Granted it had 23 slots instead of 24 but it was FREE! lol

Thought this creature looked really cool in the current planet i’m at: