Nintendo Switch Port(-Begging) Thread

Original title: Catherine: Fully Body, X-Com 2 Collection, and BioShock: The Collection coming to Switch?


Anywayz they’ve been rated for Switch. I wanna play X-Com yo. And maybe this time I can finish the original BioShock. <_<


X-Com 2 I’m interested in, Catherine: Full Body is nice to see for Atlus support. Not sure I care about Bioshock.

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The Bioshock collection is “free” with PSPlus this month so I don’t care about it going to Switch. I don’t know if I would like Catherine from what I remember seeing of it. X-Com 2 though seems like something I’d like.

Catherine is worth playing but not really worth owning, if you can get it cheap or rent it that would be ideal. The story is compelling, especially if you are in your late twenties or early thirties, it touches on making that transition into adulthood in an interesting way. The gameplay is ok, it’s a nice puzzle game that isn’t too challenging but still feels rewarding.

Bioshock the collection is so big on PS4 it’s not even a single download they had to break it up into two so have fun with that Switch owners.

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Its the one that’s most interesting to me.

Heard it might be separate releases like DMC.

But I already have those

I still want Civ Beyond Earth and TEW1/2… and MH World… and maybe KH3… and 1st party wise, WW HD and TP HD… then the Switch will be perfect… >.>

id like to see 4 of the capcom 5 again. I just want PN 03 in HD

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PN03 was fun I remember staying over to a friends house one summer playing it and SB Melee.

Atlus is encourging it for Persona 5. Joker in smash had me convinced this was going to happen. At this point though please bring Royale.

F-Zero, Advance Wars (like 2 and dual strike where your CO choice mattered more)

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BTW got the update for Witcher 3.

gives you all the post processing options from this vid plus lets you use PC cloud saves lol.

Remove AA and Max Sharpening makes it look way better.