Nintendo Switch Discussion

Huh, weird we didn’t already have one of these.


Count Richtertoffen is an enemy in Wario Land III for GameBoy Color. (Though that’s the localized name.)

Hiyoko is an enemy in Wario Land 4 for the GameBoy Advance.

Hmmm… :thinking:

I really like my Switch. If there is one thing that annoys me right now is that my left joycon stick is drifting upward and I have no idea on how to fix it. If I had a Pro Controller, I wouldn’t care at all, but I don’t.

Bought Bayonetta and I MIGHT 100% Complete it. I’m still thinking about it.


Apparently that’s a fairly common issue. Mine didnt start drifting for a year. I’ve tried using compressed air and a tooth brush and that seems to have helped some.

I love my Switch. I never play in handheld mode but I might eventually.

But it isn’t so much the Switch as it is Nintendo finally getting some brains and coming to their senses and Switch happens to be the console that is out.
Wii U could have had all of these titles Switch had but didn’t. In fact, it is a disgrace there was never an Animal Crossing or Pokemon game. But I digress.

New games now and in the near future. :open_mouth:

I may yet get around to CrossCode. Inmost looks pretty, and I’m always pro-SteamWorld.

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Neat-o. BotW load times are significantly improved apparently:

Loading save file: 31 seconds -> 21 seconds
Fast travel: 19 seconds -> 11 seconds
Entering shrine: 10 seconds -> 7 seconds

Dunno if physical or digital, but both versions should see a nice boost.

That’s cool. Hopefully doesn’t have much bearing on battery life when portable. I play 100% docked but still something to think about.

Well just learned that you can use compressed air under the little flap for Joycon drift because I was experiencing a bit. Turns out it works.

Also for online connection

switching the Nintendo Switch MTU value. usually the right value is about 1500.

Bought MHGU and pre-bought RE4.

I was thinking about this, now that Switch is getting RE4, the system pretty much has every classic and evergreen title I want, barring the following:

  • Twilight Princess HD + Wind Waker HD
  • Mario Galaxy HD Collection
  • A mainline Animal Crossing game
  • A real Pokemon game

And if it got MH World, KH collections, and a TEW collection, it’d be the best console of all-time hands down…

MH World won’t come to Switch I don’t think.

Any Switch owners that have been curious about A Robot Named Fight, it’s on sale for $2 for the next two weeks. It had a big content update a couple of months ago with another one steadily in the works. A sort of Super Metroid rogue-lite; definitely worth checking out.

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That looks cool. I might get it. Thanks for the heads up!

In another random super-deep discount, if you’ve ever been curious about SUPERBEAT: XONiC, it’s down from $29.99 to $.89 through the 5th, and there’s a bit of free DLC to go with it.