Nintendo online possibly hacked, disconnect credit cards/Paypal and enable 2FA ASAP!

Nintendo has yet to comment or acknowledge an issue. Always enable 2FA!

I would do this, but you need a smart device, which is something I don’t have.

Besides, I don’t have any credit card numbers in the system anyways.

This is how I roll too. Unfortunately someone already had my credit card info somehow which I already had to deal with.

But yeah update as much as you can. It seems to be an increase is hackers because of covid making people purchase with cards more than usual.

Removed my credit card info, I totally forgot I even had it saved.

To be honest I wish more sites gave you the option of not saving it. Some websites keep onto that shit forever.

Well, it’s a good thing I never save my card info, huh?

They might have your login though.

A big reason I won’t go digital.

Changed my password and added 2 step verification.

Today, the fact that I haven’t bought a Nintendo console since 1999 pays off.

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Always buy gift cards!

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I unlinked my paypal and took out card info as well.

So, uhhhh, any follow up or was this bullshit? I can find no reports of this anywhere.

It potentially leaked information. If true Nintendo isn’t going to say anything about it till they have to.

Either way increased fraud is definitely happening anyways.

Because of the virus more people are using cards and online payments, ect.

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Luckily I never gotten an e-mail from Nintendo.

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No credit card details were leaked thankfully. Those who were hacked are getting emails apparently, haven’t gotten one yet myself but could be a several day rollout…

In any case Nintendo is severing the connection between NNIDs and Nintendo Accounts. It makes sense Nintendo Network being older is more vulnerable, and gives Nintendo a bit more clout when they need to shut it down for good. I remember a lot of whining when WiFi Connection went offline, and it’s like… guys it was a free service that lasted almost a decade and probaby has terribly out of date security and extremely low player engagement. Sometimes you gotta move on.

(Homebrewers have actually created private WiFi Connection servers for modded Wiis and Wii Us. Incredible but forgot the name rn.)

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