Nintendo Direct 9/4/19

Boom. There was too much fire about this being soon and good.

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40 minutes wow

Fire Emblem DLC please.

Where is animal crossing :bitch:

Hold your horses.
Cool your jets.
Keep your pants on.

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Especially that last one! :mad:

Seems a little early to show.

Also Soraya Saga retweeted? Monolith Soft there?

You know, since they said 2019 games, I don’t think it’ll be a too exciting direct other than Luigi’s Mansion 3 and Smash DLC news. (Even if they don’t somehow show a new fighter, they HAVE to at least talk about Banjo-Kazooie.)

Of course, unless they have kept a surprise from us this whole time.

Not in 2019 sadly lol

None of us need any new information anyway, it is a 100% buy, right?

I’m hearing different.

We will probably see Overwatch. Hopefully finally a twin stick Metroid Prime Trilogy.

Nintendo has been great at surprises. Astral Chain is a AAA game that was announced this year and came out this year. So who knows what is in store.

I would like a 3D World sequel, and a Galaxy 3, and a new F-Zero, and a new Paper Mario that’s more in line with the first game and Thousand-Year Door.

Of course, I’m not expecting any of these, but I can dream.

I do want that Luigi’s Mansion 3 though.

Metroid Maker would be cool

Banjo Today.
Terry Bogard. Nakoruru blown out.

Extra Fighters hype.

Tokyo Mirage Sessions !

Blowing smash bros in the middle of the direct has me interested in how the end it.

@%#$! I just bought Tokyo mirage sessions for wii u. Hopefully it’ll sale better this time.

Animal Crossing

And Iori
And Geese
And Andy

Nobody thought these guys had a chance.

Xenoblade Definitive Edition

Excellent. Have to download Deadly Premonition immediately.