Nintendo direct 3/26/2020


Star Wars Episode One Racer!

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That was far from “mini.” Pretty excellent I thought.

I think Nintendo was being cautious with it. Also people were thinking this would be the blowout one calling it a mini keeps people from thinking that.

  • No new games

  • New Smash bro is just a teaser

yeah it was just an ordinary direct

Yeah this was a pretty lackluster Direct.

I’m not gonna give them flak for it because we are dealing with a pandemic right now.

I just wish we got Super Mario Maker 2 news.

LEIF :star_struck:

Nintendo was super smart to announce it was an arms character for Smash and drop an Arms trial.

I’m hoping we get a move or something that lets the character switch arms.

Well I never heard of Shinsekai, Ninjala or Good Job that I can recall. Those were new to me. Shinsekai looks cool but I like Metroidvania games.

I am excited to play as Fantastic Four finally on Marvel Ultimate Alliance. I love FF.

And that Xenoblade trailer was everything to me. Always badly wanted to play that. I actually traded in a lot of stuff and got the Wii version used at Gamestop but never got to it lol So it was a waste, I guess a collector’s item. I should play the first couple hours sometime just to compare for when the new one comes out, at least get a little play out of it.

Definitely an amazing game.

Nintendo really wants me to replay Xenoblade Chronicles. It’s great, but it’s also a time commitment. Some other fun stuff, though. Good Job could be a cute afternoon, and Shinsekai looked like it had potential. Looking forward to digging into the Bravely Default 2 demo later, probably.

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That’s the thing, I hear it is long as hell. I got a bunch of other JRPGS I need to beat lol Trails of Cold Steel series comes to mind. I have 1-3 on PS4 waiting. I did actually start it and liked it.

Xenoblade is long there is a ton of area. For a Wii game it was ridiculous.

As I recall, doing most of the content was about 60-70 hours. I’m sure a more streamlined run wouldn’t be quite that, but there’s still a good bit to do.