Nintendo Announces VR Headset


cant wait for the first death caused by wearing a labo headset


I’m not really interested in VR. VR just seemingly has limits to the gameplay that I simply don’t want to do.


Pulling this one back out of the archives.

I should put it on eBay.


That’s not even remotely a corporate philosophy Sony follows, if anything Sony does too much stuff poorly instead of focusing on doing a few things well.

Apple didn’t have too high standards with AirPower they were trying to do something nobody else tried and fell flat on their face.

Also the iPhones and AirPods use Qi so any standard Qi charger works, the only thing that’s different is the Apple Watch which uses Qi like tech because standard Qi wouldn’t fit in the smaller model.

Giving bad stuff to people doesn’t help them in the long term, VR has failed in the past because companies were focused on providing a gimmicky experience instead of a meaningful one. This whole recent VR movement that was sparked by Oculus and Palmer Lucky was designed to be more considerate of the mainstream and provide a better more comfortable experience.

Since then the companies that have joined this movement have been doing the same thing, from Microsoft Mixed Reality stuff to Valve with HTC.

Nintendo needs to be held to the same standard, I’m sick of people swinging back and forth between propping up how their games are built to such a high quality and then letting them take a shit in the middle of the living room like a damn puppy.


Nintendo game design is top notch in alot of areas.

I don’t care for Labo or the VR stuff.


I’m fine with this. I’m sure VR is cool and all, but I’m not spending $250 to play games slightly differently.


you only need 1$ really


Even bettet


Man what is Nintendo thinking with this affordable and well-received product

Where do they get off


but you’ll want to keep in mind that Nintendo’s offering still suffers from the same side effects that cheaper VR solutions are notorious for. The limited frame rates, sub-HD graphics, and lag in motion tracking will leave some users feeling queasy. I never experience motion sickness, but I find I can only play with one of the VR Toy-Cons for about ten minutes before I start to feel the effects.

All I needed to read, it’s gimmick VR because no true VR experience should be limited to 10 mins because you start to feel sick.


i know we still live in an age where VR is still a tech demo for more than 20 years, but it’s very clear that the Nintendo ipod touch rushed a way to latch that stuff on in hopes without looking tacky.