Nintendo Announces VR Headset


Made of… cardboard. So… Google Cardboard, basically.



They said they were experimenting with Switch VR a while ago (and VR in general even farther back before that), so this isn’t too surprising, and is about the level of effort I’d expect from Nintendo for VR after the Virtual Boy.


Well, if it happens, this will be the cheapest alternative to play Rez Infinite for those without a smart phone.


Just what Nintendo needs, another superficial peripheral that plays a library of tech demos and tacked-on downgraded oculus games


Yeah, but at least it’s made of cardboard, and isn’t a necessary component for the Switch.


The Switch doesn’t have a high enough PPI for this, it’s like Nintendo totally disregards the technical requirements for a good experience whenever they do VR.


I was going to say Cardboard was good enough back in the day, but… that was still 1080p+ phones at 5-ish inches, not 720p at 6.2 inches. :fearful:


The worst experience on cardboard would have probably been iPhone 6 at 326 ppi, 1080p 5.5 inch devices were the norm for Android around that time and that was 400 ppi and the Switch is 236.


Apple is the Nintendo of OS’s. great innovative features, but incompatible with just about everything