Nintendo Announces VR Headset


Made of… cardboard. So… Google Cardboard, basically.



They said they were experimenting with Switch VR a while ago (and VR in general even farther back before that), so this isn’t too surprising, and is about the level of effort I’d expect from Nintendo for VR after the Virtual Boy.


Well, if it happens, this will be the cheapest alternative to play Rez Infinite for those without a smart phone.


Just what Nintendo needs, another superficial peripheral that plays a library of tech demos and tacked-on downgraded oculus games


Yeah, but at least it’s made of cardboard, and isn’t a necessary component for the Switch.


The Switch doesn’t have a high enough PPI for this, it’s like Nintendo totally disregards the technical requirements for a good experience whenever they do VR.


I was going to say Cardboard was good enough back in the day, but… that was still 1080p+ phones at 5-ish inches, not 720p at 6.2 inches. :fearful:


The worst experience on cardboard would have probably been iPhone 6 at 326 ppi, 1080p 5.5 inch devices were the norm for Android around that time and that was 400 ppi and the Switch is 236.


Apple is the Nintendo of OS’s. great innovative features, but incompatible with just about everything


This is the type of stuff that makes my eyes roll into the back of my head. Nintendo is intentionally releasing shitty VR products, there’s no way they play tested this shit and thought it is a good experience. Nah just throw that shit out there, if they vomit or think VR is shit it’s good because fuck those other guys who are trying to do it right, those Oculus guys can go eat a dick!


If people buy it and like it, why disparage its existence?


Because people shouldn’t be happy with a subpar product, the fact that Nintendo didn’t even stop to think about making a strap for this thing to use with Mario or Zelda is piss poor. I don’t accept corporations being able to treat consumers like garbage even if the consumer doesn’t realize it. Blissful ignorance is not an ideal scenario for any society. :confused:


Or Nintendo wants users to get creative and make their own out of other items like headbands or neckties it is just cardboard after all.


If they included a guide on how to do it with say shoelaces or something then yeah sure. But this is Nintendo and they have a long history of doing patently dumb shit and not getting called out on it, this is right up there with needing a stand to play Kid Icarus on 3DS which totally disregards that it’s a portable system.


This “if it can’t be done right it shouldn’t be done” mentality is soooo Apple/Sony lol. Standard Qi wasn’t good enough for Apple but now they have no first party charger, pushing users into the arms of sketchy Chinese manufacturers. Having too high of standards has a cost too.

Meanwhile Nintendo and Google out here doing crazy shit like introducing VR to millions of potential users who otherwise wouldn’t experience it at all. Lol.


Come on Sbf, it’s Nintendo… and Andrex… he likes them A LOT. :lol:



Hah, though I will say the Labo doesn’t interest me at all and neither does the new BotW/Odyssey compatability. And I’ll explain why:

Even with leading edge VR, the experience is still not going to be as good for a game like BotW that kinda demands long play sessions.

Like, even imagine wearing the Rift (far better and more comfortable than Labo) for a 4-6 hours BotW session. Fatigue, etc. still isn’t totally solved yet even by the big boys.

Guess VR in general isn’t worth trying then? :rolleyes: Might as well pack it in, current VR tech doesn’t meet my arbitrarily high standards so no one else should experience it!! Either we go full PS9/Matrix levels or nothing!!!


I’m just glad you are not a tyrant and I can rib you, the creator, the Kevin Flynn of the forums lol


I’m actually more like Clu… the real Andrew died years ago and I’ve been wearing his (beautiful and now-ageless) face. Mwahaha. :devil: