Nintendo announces No Switch and New Switch

It’s a Switch that doesn’t let you Switch :thinking:


No HDMI out :mad:

I wanted a smaller more portable Switch for Animal Crossing, as I dislike lugging my current Switch everywhere (too big and bulky), but TV mode is my primary use of the system…

Darn. Wonder if the hacking scene could whip up a modded dock for this thing.

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It seems like it would be a software issue, since it’s using USB-C I would think the hardware to do TV out is still in the system but they are artificially limiting it as a way to differentiate the two models.

I’m torn, I don’t really need TV out since I would only be buying a small selection of games for Switch. But man they really made things more confusing by adding TV and Handheld mode profiles that lead to games having different performance. If they would let you force the “docked” mode if you choose to plug into power that would solve a lot of my issues.

Its a cheaper option but honestly I like the fact its a hybrid way to much to buy this.

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If you have a switch you don’t need this. Even if you don’t have one you don’t need this buy the normal one.

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Its trying to get people in with the lower price.


Nah there’s stuff in the dock like DRM, a fan, and I think probably some small video converter chip.

If you wanted a dockless Switch, they could probably do it – but it would need a dongle (for the video converter/DRM part), and it’d have to be limited to 720p (basically just mirroring the main screen) since it doesn’t have a fan and thus upclocking to reach 1080p is iffier.

This is a Reddit mockup but I fucks with it:


Here’s my spin (I added Tetris 99 and its GB theme to it.) :slight_smile:

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I honestly would not go without the TV out.

Like if they offered A PS5 that had a handheld option for an extra $100 I would buy that.

Bowser confirmed this is the only new Switch model this year (no Switch Pro until 2020), and that new shipments of the existing Switch will have a refreshed SoC (the same new Tegra in Switch Lite) and flash storage (likely upgrading to a faster type.)

Here are the US launch prices for major handhelds.

Game Boy: $89.99
Game Boy Color: $69.99
Game Boy Advance : $99.99
Nintendo DS: $149.99
PlayStation Portable: $249.99
Nintendo 3DS: $249.99
PlayStation VITA: $249.99

So going over $200 is pretty much the graveyard for handheld mass appeal. Even the OG 3DS at $180 was pushing it pretty high for what is essentially a kids’ system.

I still dream of an even smaller (possibly clamshell) $99 Switch Mini a couple years down the road. 720p looks pretty fantastic on a 4" screen, lol.

Yeah when I really stopped and thought about it Mario Party and Smash would definitely be games I wished I could use the TV to play too.

So I’ll just wait till next year unless I find an OG Switch for cheap on eBay.

I’m old and I’ve had bad vision since I was like 8 I need bigger screen my dude.

Yeah its worth it so you have the option on any game you buy.

Like Bayonetta 3 or Shin Megami Tensei V.

Aren’t refurbished Switches already like $260? (Including dock and everything.) And Nintendo’s refurbishing is generally great.

If you’re willing to go tablet only (get a cheaper third-party dock and/or controller elsewhere), you can get a Switch off ebay for $150-200 already.

Yeah I might just go the tablet route and get those Blue joy-cons and a cheaper dock. I also wanna wait and see what Nintendo’s holiday bundles are this year.

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New Switch announced with better battery life.

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Battery really isn’t a problem for me I play it on the Tv a lot unless I feel lazy and take it to bed which I really don’t play it that long there zzZ lol

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Told you not to buy the Lite.

Yeah at this point I’m not getting one used either. I want the newer model, that’s a big increase in battery life and I think more than the 3DS