Nicktoons 2003-2005 Tapes

I’m looking for Nicktoons tapes & DVD’s from 2003-2005. I have a couple of tapes:

Nicktoons August 2005:
Jimmy Neutron
Invader Zim (1 hour)
Martin Mystery (1 hour)
Kaput & Zosky (1 hour)
AAAHH!!! Real Monsters

Nicktoons September 2005:
Ren & Stimpy (1 hour)

If anybody has any Nicktoons 2003-2005 tapes or DVD’s. Please let me know!

yknow i used to tape Nicktoons on my old vcr back in 1990-94. Sadly many of them were lost during the earthquake in Northridge and years later by mold. I realize now that those tapes would go for hundreds on ebay if we cared to keep and repair them

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Yeah, that would be nice. Nicktoons was a 24 hour channel.

Back in my day, we didnt have 24hr nicktoons, it was just regular Nickelodeon. at 8pm I had to watch I Love Lucy instead of Ren and Stimpy, and most of Nick’s programming was already full of boring live-action already. it was a bittersweet time

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It was.