New Samurai Shodown!

It’s happening!




It’s coming in June. Looks like Shiki is in that trailer. This will be the first time she was made playable in a mainline Samurai Shodown game (she’s been in SamSho 64, the Neo Geo Pocket games, SvC Chaos, and even SNK Gal Fighters, though.)

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By the way, for anyone interested in this game:

It’s coming out on the 27th, and it’s gonna have a season of DLC.

If you buy it before the 30th, you’re gonna get the season pass for free. That’s right. Not the first character; not the first two characters; the ENTIRE season pass.

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it was spelled SHODOWN the WHOLE time?!



You know, I was thinking that looked weird. Mandela indeed!

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Yup. It’s basically a portmanteau of shogun and showdown.

Also, Nakoruru will always be my girl, but I’m gonna have to sub her to play with my new main:

Also, this is the name of her stage:

Did you see this?

Just did. I see they also feel good to have a Fighting game where each hit does a lot of damage. Been too long since we had a Fighting game like that (certain characters in other games notwithstanding.)

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They might patch this out.

Or not. I mean, it isn’t super practical.

You might enjoy this.