Namco Coin Restoration Project

So some years ago, I went to an arcade called CyberStation, which -much before then- was an arcade run by Namco in a mall that I use to frequent. When I went there for the last time, it became run down and they were selling what machines they had left. I bought some tokens and ended up having some left over because they had a pretty meager selection of games at the time. So I’ve kept the coins with me the whole time because I thought that they would close the arcade down because there were hardly any people in it (which I was correct in and they took it down to expand the Footlocker that was next door.)

Now, the coins themselves have had some wear on them already, but keeping them this whole time has made them look even worse. These photos are from years ago, so they’ve become even dirtier and grown mold on them since then. (I really should have taken pictures of them right before, but oh well.)

Well, I found a YouTube video of someone restoring the Namco coin that they had. I heard of the ol’ “put coins in Coca-Cola” trick to restore money coins, but I wasn’t so sure that it would be good to use with the Namco coins and even thought it would just make them worse. Well, the guy in the video did use the Coke trick and said it worked out for him, so I went ahead with the putting the coins in Coke. I definitely noticed it working, but I only left them in for a few minutes because I thought any more would ruin the coins, so I kept doing it and leaving them in until I ended up forgetting them for a few hours and left them in for that time. Well, the coins ended up being fine and ended up being completely rid of the mold that was on them for so long.

So the next thing the guy in the video did was use silver polish to give them back their shine, so I’ve been using silver polish to do just that. I got a cheap toothbrush as well as a buffing cloth to get to try to maximize effectiveness. So if the stains on the cloth are any indication, the polish is definitely working and removing the tarnish on the coins.

So here’s pictures of the coins right now:

So I’m definitely on track on getting these coins to look like they were in their former glory, but I can still see a little grime on them and am going to continue using the silver polish to get rid of it over the next day or so. I think I’m actually going to get these coins clean and shiny at some point.

Any comments or tips to speed up the process would be welcome.

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Short update:

Thought I’d take a picture with the coins on a brighter background:

And that’s the same cloth that I’m using for buffi g them out, and it looks like this:

Shows how grimy these coins can get.

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Ooooh shiiiny…! :star_struck:
Only thing i had was a Chuck E Cheese token, and it worked at a Shakey’s.

I also have these Tretta chips i got in Manila last year. Kept the ones i liked and left the others at the arcade. there were a lot of dedicated players too. The arcade scene is still comparably greater there than here i should say

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