Music ✪

:grinning:NEW MODEST MOUSE :grinning:

God it’s been soooo long since I listened to them. I’m talking “Good news for people who love bad news”

Honeys if you’re gay
Burn it up like a gay parade
Honeys if you’re straight
Pump it up, take it all the way
Intoxicated, emancipated, unapologetic
Is what I am today
Light me up


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Get well soon, hope her dad is OK :heart:

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Her MK Ultra mind control must be wearing off. Time for a tune up! Will she come out with a shaved head?

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That’s tremendous!

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So catchy. This one’s really good too:

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Oh the memories. Bleach is INCREDIBLE until Aisen defects and leaves. Then it becomes fillers R Us. And Ichigo is way too much of a Mary Sue. Dude CAN NOT lose ever and that was extremely annoying.

But it gave me many yeas of entertainment and I respect it. Always did have excellent openings and endings. I actually made a CD with a lot of the music on it.

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I love that song

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I was finally able to find and buy this song after all these years of looking:

By the way, I’m trying to expand my Rock/Metal playlist. Any suggestions are welcome.

I love P!nk

I am happy to report that my Rock/Metal playlist has exactly one more track than the licensed soundtrack of Brütal Legend.

EDIT: Make that four. I forgot to add some.

Also, I found a Hard Rock cover of The Thunder Rolls.

Shaggy back?