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Weezer’s Teal Album is terrible oh my god I’ve heard better covers from drunk people at a karaoke bar. I can’t believe how bad they butchered classics.


When I heard them covering Africa I was in my car and I almost drove off into a ditch but hesitated because I realized they should be the ones to die not me. :face_with_symbols_over_mouth:


They covered Michael Jackson, Eurythmics, TLC and more this album is a crime against music. :cry:

What if they called it Teal because it makes you all sad and blue after hearing them gut songs of their magic! :scream:


Weezer has always sucked.

I say this as Pugi’s premiere emo boy (sorry Astral!)


I like Buddy Holly but that’s about it also mainly because it was on the Windows 95 install disc so I watched it way too many times.


I feel like Leslie Jones from this Weezer SNL skit.


I first heard her perform at the Grammys last night and I’m now smitten. :heart:


Can you be anymore flamboyant than this? I love it!!! :heart:



Semi NSFW?

Obsessed with this. Need more like this.

Also found the video to this the other night, DEFINITELY 18+.


it’s been a long time since I’ve seen that video, I forgot all about the twist at the end.


Watched it for the first time last night and I didn’t see it coming, was already entertained but that made the video a classic IMO lol.


Yeah they were getting a lot of backlash iirc that they made a song about beating women and treating them like garbage.

They either never saw the video or the song released ahead of it. Either way it largely got people to stfu about implied misogyny at the time once more people knew about it.


Legit teared up when the chorus hit.


It’s catchy, okay?



I don’t think catchy is enough in the slightest.


Don’t take me for a Post Malone fan. Can’t really stand him, but I don’t mind that song. Swae Lee saves it.