^Great record.



New Slipknot!



I needed some Brandon Flowers in my life.

Also, this is a good reggae listen


boobs horray. But referring to herself as Queen is so lame.



I’m still finding b-sides and covers he/The Killers did from 8+ years ago. First as a singer on a version of Tell Me It’s Not Over, now this. And both are great.

Wonder what else I’ve been missing out on. (Sawdust, their b-side collection, is criminally underrated, and has a few of my fave songs from them, including Tranquilize, All the Pretty Faces, and Under the Gun.)


Yeah I LOVE Sawdust. Wish they would release more on CDs or collections like that.


Some of Bob Marley’s children



^Love Gin Blossoms.


First time I got drunk in a bar this was playing and I had to look it up. One of my faves ever since. Also makes me super nostalgic.


What a coincidence the first time I heard that song was also in a bar. It must be a song bars have to have.



The only good thing that came of this horrible movie.


If you listen to anything I post, try this truth shit. K-Rino is incredible. I recently just discovered him.


The guy is a good rapper and lyricist. He covered about every major conspiracy theory out there in that first one.