This…And uhhhhhh can we countersue for damages related to my reputation??? Otherwise this is gonna have to be a pro bono case. :slightly_frowning_face:


I’ll file the paperwork!

We’ll also seek repayment for your medical expenses for your mental distress.


They look like communist Power Rangers but is so catchy.

Zordon: Alpha, Rita’s escaped recruit a team of communists with attitude.

Alpha: I got you fam say no more.



New Metric. FUCK YES!:heart_eyes:


I’ma add that to my running playlist!






I just stumbled on this but I thought it was really cool. Disasterpeace heard this guy David Peacock doing some piano covers of his music and decided to get him to do an entire album of them. They all sound really beautiful. Not on YouTube but it’s on the major streaming sites and Bandcamp.



This is the first I’ve heard of such a thing :thinking:


:man_shrugging:t5: It is weird, I was looking at some of the tracks covered and it seems like once Youtube reaches a deal with a music licensor they will auto generate a video like this one.

But maybe they stopped doing that when they decided to focus on YouTube Music and sign new deals? It’s on Google Play Music.


They auto gen these videos because of YouTube Music.


They’ve been making them for a while, even before YouTube Music was a thing, but yeah, those are the sources of the “music” in YouTube Music. From a technology perspective it’s actually fascinating how YT Gaming and Music reuse basically the entire YT tech stack, right down to the URLs* and playlists for things.

*You can replace www in any YouTube URL with gaming or music and it’ll try to open that video in the given interface.




Etana is pretty good. Recently discovered her on Sirius on The Joint reggae station.


So uhhhh R.Kelly just threw out a 19 min song about his life. Confessing to a lot of shit he’s done and had done to him. Like Trapped in the Closet it’s a pretty insane ride.


He needs it all: Jesus, God, rehab, and Iyanla.


Tracy Chapman is soooo fucking good and underrated. The older I get the more I appreciate it. Give it a listen, might surprise you.


This album, Ordinary People Corrupt Love by Deafheaven, makes me wish I knew how to play the guitar. Especially THIS song.