If I was a bit younger :wink:


“My name is Connor. I’m the android sent by Cyberlife.” That guy reminds me of.



Been into reggae lately listening to The Joint on Sirius radio. Here is a cool tune with islander flavor.


Somewhere I posted that I have a type




I fucking cried :sob::sob::sob:

The new generation :heart::heart::heart:


I could see that being something a Disney Princess would sing. But it needs some work imo.


We need a BTS x Red Velvet super group!


Huh. I can’t say a Disney princess came to mind!


I don’t know just imagine a girl in a castle sad about her prince being hated by her family and forbidden to see him, some real Romeo & Juliet type stuff. So she’s looking at his picture or something singing this song which also makes some little creature friend sad off to the side because it doesn’t like seeing her sad. :man_shrugging:t2: You know like every Disney movie ever.


One could re-arrange the song. Disney-fy it! Because it does have a theatrical flair.


“My love you are” why not “You are my love”?

It’s not a bad song just has some issues I’d like to fix.

Like the repeated lyrics makes the song run a little to long. In my opinion.


I can see/hear it now!




It took me awhile to realize there are two different people in this video In my defense I wasn’t wearing my glasses


I have to wear my glasses even when I’m asleep because my dreams are even fuzzy that’s how blind I am lol.


I didn’t know glasses helped with racism, you racist.


As sbf’s lawyer I would remind the court of my client’s disability.

And that his glasses helps to make things less blurry so everyone stops looking the same.

I rest my case and ask that my client is found not guilty of being racist and in fact is being mocked by the public for being blind. Furthermore my client literally can not see race at all.